TuDiabetes.com Partners with Diabetes TalkFest

Dear Members of TuDiabetes:
A good number of you have become members of the TuDiabetes Chat Room and we thank you for that. We feel offering a chat is part of the mission at the heart of TuDiabetes as it is a synchronous way for the
members of our growing family to connect with one another.

At the same time, we know when we can do a better job and we realize there are folks who do a better job than TuDiabetes at offering the best possible chat experience for folks touched with diabetes. I am talking about Diabetes TalkFest, a space created by Gina Capone and Jon Schlaman.

So we have decided to partner with Gina and Jon. Effective Monday March 17, we will no longer have a chat room in TuDiabetes and we will begin linking to Diabetes TalkFest as the chat space we recommend for our members to be a part of. Gina and Jon will in turn be linking to TuDiabetes as their recommended social network for people touched by diabetes.

If you are already aware of Diabetes Talkfest, I don’t need to tell you more. If you are not, I invite you to check it out and participate in their nightly chats and join them for their chats with guest speakers: you are bound to make the most of them!

You can also register on their community to be informed about upcoming chats (which we are listing on our Home Page) and be able to look at transcripts from previous sessions.

As usual, thanks to everyone for the time and support you offer to others in the community: it is because of it that TuDiabetes is the big family that it has turned into, which will now welcome even more members from Diabetes Talkfest.

Take care everybody!

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