Tudiabetes is great, I've learned so much

Found a playlist on YouTube when searched “bionic automatic pancreas”. A medical researcher was interviewed by tudiabetes who discussed that the “honeymoon” lasts for 40 years. And age of onset is important. Younger onset means shorter “honeymoon”. A ridiculed researcher had for decades dissected the pancreas of diabetics and found islet of langerhans cells but tests showed no insulin production. UNTIL a year ago when a lab developed a way to detect very small quantities of insulin production indicators. SO what I glean from this is everybody’s diabetes is different until the 40 year or flatline glucose response state. AND people who boast great control may have some insulin production. Also when we go flatline we may become more predictable. Right? No insulin being added to our manual injection? The researcher just kind of fortified some lingering suspicions. Diabetes has affected me a lot. Wouldn’t I be quite a different person without it. Another several videos in the playlist were interviews of people testing bionic pancreas saying they went to the gym at 70 mg/dl, 3.2 mmol/dl. ( I do conversions by taking 70 changing it to 7, cutting 7 in half and taking a little off that, and the little is based on turning 20 into 18 sort of.

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You’re making me smile! I do conversions by looking at this chart.

Since I passed the 40 year mark two years ago, I guess I may be over the honeymoon.

FWIW, this chart says 70mg/dl is 3.9 mmol/l

Oh darn I should add a little after the 1/2.