TuDiabetes Partners with OrganizedWisdom

We are very happy to announce a new partnership in TuDiabetes.com. This Monday we officially launched our partnership with OrganizedWisdom.

You may have noticed recently that we added an OrganizedWisdom search box in our home page as part of our “Partners for a Healthier Life”.

Here’s a bit more information about them so you can see why we are so excited to have partnered with them:
OrganizedWisdom is on a mission to organize the world’s best health wisdom. With your help and a team of expert Health Guides, we are organizing and reviewing the very best health content from across the Web so you can find great health information from credible sources.”

You can think of them as a Wikipedia where the Health Guides (the pages containing the information on diverse health topics) have a person (a guide) who creates them but they are not open to the entire world to be edited as in the case of Wikipedia. They are managed by the OrganizedWisdom team and verified by their Physician Review Team to ensure they are offering quality information.

As a result of our partnership, any diabetes-related searches you make through this search box on the home page will lead to a co-branded Health Guide “brought to you by TuDiabetes.com”. Here is an example, for the search term “Insulin Pump”:

They wrote about our partnership on their blog yesterday.

wow! It looks neat! I am going to check it out

This sounds awesome!! Will Landleigh’s DKA piece be up there??

brilliant…so good…wll check it out as well…:slight_smile:

Manny, we are thrilled to be working with you and your community to help people get access to the best health resources available. Thanks again for being a Guide and for sharing your wisdom to help people with Diabetes! Together I know we can help a lot of people.