TuDiabetes Roll Call.....Where are you from?

Hi! I know I’ve seen this discussion posted before, We’ve have grown a lot since then. I want to know Where are you located or where are you from???


I am from Kansas City, MO. I have been in Menifee, CA for 2 yrs.

Yukon Territory, Canada

Howdy neighbor, I grew up in St. Joseph MO, but currently I live in Decatur, al

Grew up in Long Beach, NY. Went to uni in Cambridge, MA. Lived 20 years in Queens. Now living in central NJ.

Almost the reverse of Tmana: I grew up in Central New Jersey, spent about 7 years in suburbs of Philadelphia, then to Queens, now Long Island.

Honolulu, HI born and raised :slight_smile:
Moving to Colorado for college in 2 weeks though!

i am from chicago, iL

Grew up in Sheffield Lake, OH. I’ve lived in Akron/Stow, OH since 1999 after coming here for college.

All my life in the Dallas, Texas area. But some days I’m not sure why. laughs I am NOT your stereotypical Texas girl. No accent (at least not a discernible one), not conservative, don’t drive a truck, and I’ve never been to a football game.

Anyone else here in the southwest?

Originally from Venice, FL but now living just outside of Knoxville, TN

I am from Caracas, Venezuela. Been in the US since 2000, first in Phoenix (2000-2003), then Orlando (2003-early 2008) and now in the Bay Area, since Jan. 2008.

I grew up in Rome, NY, but have lived in the Boston, MA area for almost 28 years.

NYC, always!

I am Egyptian grew up in Cairo,married my best friend who is saudi,took the Saudi nationality and unfortionatly by law I gave up my egyptian nationality.But actually I feel I am global!!

I have lived in Greenup, Kentucky for 49 years… Greenup is in Northeast Kentucky. I am a 2 hour drive from 3 state capitols—Frankfort, KY, Columbus, Ohio, and Charleston, WVA. You may have heard of the 13-time National High School Cheerleading Champions from Greenup County High School–my alma mater.

I live in the mountains of Western NC. I have lived here for the last 32 years.

Born in East LA,er I mean Malaysia…same difference, been living since 1981 in Houston, TX prior to that lived on Cali So Cal in Santa Monica and then Bakersfield baby.

Waverly, Ohio.
Always lived there.
though hopefully not for much longer.

Melbourne, Derbyshire in the UK although I grew up in Leicestershire and feel more at home there than anywhere else!

Hi there,

Carrum Downs, Victoria Australia (about 35kms west of Melbourne)