TuDiabetes Talks Tonight 5pm PT with Film Writers of Unspeakably Wonderful- Story of the Discovery of Insulin

And how appropriate on the anniversary of the discovery of Insulin! Join us for a sure to be wonderful chat tonight with the British film writers of Unspeakably Wonderful, the story of Elizabeth Hughes and the discovery of insulin!

Unspeakably Wonderful is a film about two men who hated each other but made one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the 20th century - the discovery of insulin.

Diabetes was recognized by three thousand-year-old civilisations in China and Egypt. To them, the rapid onset of thirst, the unnatural increased passage of urine and the melting away of young flesh must have seemed like the curse of a vengeful deity. Throughout history, diabetes killed every single person who developed it.

It was not until the early 20th century that the search for a cure yielded insulin, a treatment as enigmatic as the murderous condition it corrects. But the quest for the elixir of life came close to destroying those who embarked on it.