TuDiabetes weekly podcast


Yay! My husband is singing in the background of this week’s podcast. Check it out! Manny tells us all about some great things that are going on in the community, which shows him to be not only generous with his time and creativity but also remarkably focused, since his son was being pretty unbelievably cute.

And, of course, you can hear my wonderful husband’s song, Let it Ride, in the background.

(Also, thanks for showing my picture! :slight_smile: )


Thanks to you guys for your contributions!

As for Santiago, it was a lot of fun to do that: while I was rehearsing a few times, Andreina could hear him in the background doing the whole “Hi! I am Santiago Hernandez…” so he sort of “auditioned his way” into the video.

I thought the end result was pretty funny: a bit longer than usual, but funny.

And the MUSIC was really, really good! I love Daniel’s work.