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losing weight as a T1D is a tough road. i've learned a lot in the last few years as i was only diagnosed 3 years ago at the age of 48. i've learned that the more insulin i take, the more my body will store FAT! Isn't that the kicker! so my goal as of the new year is to reduce my daily carb intake (mainly sugar) so that hopefully it will help with my weight loss goals. when i first started on insulin, i was taking about 15-17 units a day. now i'm up to 24-28 units a day. i'm sure that's why i put on 15 pounds since being on insulin - i just want it back off!


Going to the gym like crazy, eating a tad healthier: still haven't lost a pound. But I have lost an inch on my waist! I'm doubling my sets during strength training & apparently I'm building muscle. Maybe that will aid weight loss in the long run. And maybe I need to eat less . . . Overall, feeling healthy!


Deborah, do you take any supplement(s) or just cut on food and work out?


Deborah, nope I was wondering if taking supplements does it help or make a difference? Sorry!


Yesterday marked 13 days in a row at the gym. I really enjoy going; I almost always stay longer than planned. LOL Starting to get into the rhythm of double sets when I strength train. Most importantly, I feel really good: sleeping great, no colds all winter, good energy, more able to avoid the siren song of carbs.
And, after a month of this, the scale also show my efforts. Slow weight loss is recommended & that what I've got: down 1.6 lbs in a month!


Congrats Deborah, keep up the good work


Thanks Ahmad! Feeling really positive about my habits right now. A bit worried about some demands coming up at work derailing my schedule & efforts. Just trying to plan & avoid getting off track.


After seven weeks of greater fitness efforts & dietary diligence (but not "a diet"), I've lost two pounds & an inch on my waist. It's said that slow weight loss is good, and this is slow!
One successful strategy is planning ahead for my exercise. If I leave the house in the morning with my gym gear packed
I am much more likely to work out after work.
I have been sleeping well & generally feeling very well.


The last two weeks contained alot of after-hours work responsibilities. I tried to plan ahead with snacks, salads & healthy soups. I made it to the gym even if it was only for 25 minutes. Holding steady with my weight loss.
Keeping a minimalist fitness log has been very helpful. Keeping me on track for gym time!


Started walking yesterday where I live with a group walking for 1/2 hour. They're planning to do it on weekdays, so I'll try to get to most of them Hoping to lose more wt. At times,I blame it on taking insulin for gaining wt.


Slow & steady . . . wins the race, I hope. Three months of eating more carefully & lotza gym time = 3.5 pounds down. Broke up with long-time BF yesterday. Thought about buying ice cream sandwiches to console myself, but opted for a $2 bottle of citrus-flavored sparkling water. And I had a great rowing workout! Staying strong!!!


3.5 months: down 4.5 lbs. Now that the weather is improving, I'm mixing in some hikes with my gym time. Recently enjoyed dinners featuring sauteed garlic, steamed broccoli, walnuts & a squeeze of lemon juice. With a side of chicken sausage. Slow & steady & making progress!


I just keep trying new things & some of them work for me. Winters come & I carb crave. Past winters I would buy boxes of excellent, small cookies (usually pricey)–I was usually satisfied with half a cookie, or just one. This winter I decided not to buy a box. While I occasionally enjoy a small baked treat outside of the house, I think I have successfully broken a habit at home. And my pants fits much better.


4 month: down 5 pounds. Having fun hiking in the spring woods again + my new high intensity strength-training regimen.


I weigh myself on Tuesdays. My aim around January was to lose 10 lbs by May. I've lost 6.8 lbs. which is really very good. Given my stressed-out, polar vortex winter, I could have easily gained 6.8 lbs. Joining a new gym that I ENJOY going to certainly played a big role.

The inexplicable thing is that 4 lbs came off in the past month. The change-up in my fitness routine? Better emotional health since ending things with my BF? The addition of the eggwhites--lol?

My pants fit funny--as in roomy.


I am maintaining a 5 pound weight loss (my goal was to lose 10 lbs). I feel good about that & I feel well overall. I need to think of another way to shake up my eating & fitness routines, and drop some more weight.


Swimming tons! I have swam a mile 12 times since June 1. Love it.


Hello I'm new to the group. I've gained about 40 pounds since graduating high school 4 years ago so I'm trying to lose the extra and very unwanted weight. Looking for support.



Hi. I am also new to the site and need all the help and support I can get. I am 49 and have been a Type 1 since age 4 1/2. I also have other medical problems that contribute to my weight gain and loss. I am 5' 2" 1/2 and 195. I am cutting back on portions, eating more fruits and vegies, no white bread or white rice, chicken, fish and turkey. Eating hardly any red meat. I walk 3-4 times aa week, drinking more water and I am gaining instead of losing. My weight gain is causing other issues as well. Please, someone help me figure out what else I can do ??