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Hello everyone My name is Star and I am 26.I have been a diabetic since I was 10 years old. I have 2 children and my youngiest is also a diabetic who was diagnosed at age 16 month…I have always struggled with my weight and this has always been a terrible thing for me…I was hoping to maybe find a suport system and any suggestions on how n the world I can lose weight…

I am fat 105 kg but I strong and happy.

great group idea… lets all be skinny :slight_smile:

I’ve started my diet 3 days ago. Let’s see what appens. I’ve been making less insulin (Novorapid) and also less levemir(bg’s are amazing. Between 3,2 and 7,6mmol/l). I’ve been on diet 8 months and i’ve lost almost 13 kgs. And i had a little break but I have started again. So wish me luck! When I eat light food and keep out of milk and bread. And potatoes, my diabetes is THE BEST ever. There are some things I really taste but can’t eat. :slight_smile:

hello. I’m new to this group. T2 since 2004 and it started with a thyroid tumor. Since then I have put on 50 lbs and cannot lose regardless of what I’ve tried. The Dr said “Metabolic Syndrome” but what else can I do. I’ve gotten my numbers down. My A1c just went from 6.1 to 5.9. But I need to lose some weight. Help !!!

My name is Martina i been a diabetic since July 2005, i am on Lantus and oral diabetic i am trying to lose weight and it been hard

I just found this group! I’ve been a type 1 for 13 years now, and have 3 kids, ages 5, 8 and 11. I haven’t lost much weight since my 5 year old was born, so although I’m glad for the consistency and not gaining, its frustrating. I started symlin several months ago, but got off the habit during the summer when the kids were home. I’m trying to do it again, but I’ve found it doesn’t seem to work as well as it did. I need to call my doc to see whats up.

I also have problems with weight. My problem is carbs. I struggle with them “nightly,post 8pm” and usually loose. Recently my #'s are shamefully high. My a1c wil lbe through the roof. Just feel compelled to carb out at night. Advise! Thank you, Pete

I can’t ignore the fact anymore that I need to rid myself of these unwanted pounds. I am 5’4", approximately 215, Type 2 (on insulin and oral med) and need to get my 'betes in check. How do I start this process? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What are your typical BS numbers. If they are quite high try to bring them down,even if it takes some time. The reason I say this is the more insulin you take the more weigh you gain as you constantly feel hungry. Once your #'s are lower you will feel more satisfied with less food. I had to greatly reduce my intake of carbs and it was not easy. However,I gradually began to need less insulin. I had to break the cycle of more food more insulin.That was deadly. I’ve struggled with this for years, because I did not want to give up my pizza,pasta,Italian bread,and many other high carb foods.I still struggle daily to fight off my craving/addiction to carbs. I have to take it one day at a time,just like an addict. It has’nt been very long but I’m slowly withdrawing from my dependancy to carbs,which has been my single source of self distruction. Good luck,Kate. Hope there is something in this reply that is helpful. Pete

I am type 1 and am finding it very frustrating trying to lose weight and maintain tight control at the same time. I’m on a pump and my last A1c was 6.6. When I try weight loss diet tips I find it’s higher carbs than I’m eating already and messes with my blood sugars (I am not eating low carb but do try to keep it under 200/day). When I exercise I either have to plan for hours in either direction or end up having to eat. I have been trying to lose weight for six months and have only lost a few pounds. I feel like if I was able to exercise more spontaneously I would enjoy it more (I like exercising but the planning needed to maintain good BGs really turns me off), and also if I could exercise more without going low it would be easier. My diet is good already and there’s not much I could change there unless I went low carb. I have high blood pressure for a diabetic and am borderline high cholesterol for a diabetic, and feel like if I could lose 50+ pounds and get in my ideal weigh range I would be able to get off BP medication and normalize both, but it’s proving extremely difficult and it’s hard to keep up being motivated when I’m not seeing results. Unfortunately Symlin is not available in Canada or I would most definitely be trying it.

Jennifer some physicians believe that 200 carbs. /day are far too many. Consider reducing your carb intake by 15/.meal. Do this for two weeks. Once you are comfortable with that reduce it more by 10 /meal. for two weeks. When you’r comfortable with that,se if your insulin requirements have changed. Let me know how things go. By the way,Happy New Year. Pete

Jennifer, Ditto on almost every word you said!! I’ve started logging everything again on Sparkpeople.com and using their meal plans. It’s a free program and has everything you might need for exercising, meal plans, recipes and motivation. The secret is following it and sticking to it. I really need to do that and hope also to reduce my carbs/lower my basal rates and achieve my minimum goal of a two-pound-a-month goal this year. Happy New Year! Margaret

I have an account on Spark People but have not visited recently. I found logging my exercise motivating, but a lot of work to visit the site and navigate through everything just to log. The forums on that site are great, though, and there’s even a group for people with type 1 diabetes. I downloaded an app for my iPhone that’s a calendar that lets me mark off days that I do something, so I’m using that as motivation to exercise every day and it’'s simple but it’s working really well! I am hoping if I keep up the exercise (and later increase it) and try going lower carb than I have been eating, that with time my weight will go down faster than it has been.

I’ve lived with Type 1 for over 34 years and was always told I’d never loss weight because I was on insulin. After 5 pregnancies and 50lb gain over the years I was ready to give up.especially since always regained weight when I tried programs like TOPS, Weight Watchers, NutriSystem etc These programs also cost money to join or buy their foods.
2 years ago my eldest son recommended Primal BluePrint by Mark Sisson. His website is: marksdailyapple.com. As of September 09 I’ve lost 50lbs. The meal plan is very healthy (I’m a diabetes educator and the studies show this meal plan is better for weight loss and blood sugar improvement than low-fat diets). The weight loss is slow and steady. There are recipes and lots of helpful suggestions. Even comments from people with Type 2 diabetes who have gotten off their medications with this program. Check out marksdailyapple.com. .

I’m so glad I found this discussion group! I wish I’d found it earlier. Will start to do my research here, and hopefully find a way to lose some weight, use less insulin, and feel better about myself! Whoo! Whoo!

I have no appetite and have lost 90 lbs. in the past six months. I am vegetarian and eat carbs. I can’t find an interest in food anymore.

I am proud of you and will support you with your journey. I lost 90 lbs. in about 6 months and half of me is missing. Now I am having a problem eating. I did it for myself too. If you don’t it won’t last. Good luck.

I think your positive attitude before you start has a lot to do with your success as well as doing it for the right reasons…pleasing yourself, right? Plus you get the benefits of being healthier all the way around. It’s a win/win situation so come on all you couch potatoes and get with it! If I can walk 4 miles 7 days a week it means I want it and I love it.

I walk 4 miles a day and break it up. I would suggest that you stay away from the scale as it can be deceiving. Once you get up in the morning, your body starts accumulating fluids. You will know when you have lost wt. I love getting the fresh air outside. I eat not enough calories a day and missing several food groups so seeing a dietician to get a healthier profile on my eating. I lost 90 lbs. the past 6 months and it is staying off.