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Get a scale or not? In a way, I’d like to see the difference. In another way, I don’t want to see that there’s no difference. But I’m so freakin’ visual that maybe the scale will help me to “see” my progress. But my depression can’t handle the lack of progress.

Do others use them? Not use them? Only weigh in at doc visits? Or what?


All stair cases have landings on them, whether it’s a 100 story building or a 2 story house. Be thankfull you are on a landing and not going up. A landing is neutral ground, not up or down and that’s O.K. Don’t depress yourself.LW


Hi friends! I am new here and new to the world of insulin. I have been and known diabetic for 17 years but only started insulin in December. Since that time I gained 12 pounds. I have began exercising and watching much more closely what I eat. The issue I have is with the exercise and diet modifications I have not lost a single pound! It is very discoouraging. I would like to lose about 50 pounds total. Anybody have any tips or advice?


I have heard so many people stating the same thing that with insulin it is hard to lose wt. and easy to gain wt. I don’t know what to say as I am on medication. My med just got kicked up from 1000 mg. a day to 2500 mg. a day. It makes my stomach so upset that eating much isn’t hard to live with. However, by not eating right it sent me crashing two weeks ago and ended up in the hospital so am trying to find a balance. I took the wt. loss way to far out of fear and wanting to control what was going on. As Dr. Phil would say, “And how is that working for you?” Not well I must add.


I use a scale and weigh in every day. My daughter and I totally disagree on this. It all depends on your mind set. If I weigh too much, I tell myself it is a reminder to watch what I eat today. If I’m losing, I tell myself awesome job and take heart. If I weigh the same I tell myself maintenance is golden, keep up the good work. My daughter however sees a weight loss and goes out and eats something to celebrate. If she gains weight she tells herself its all a waste of time and goes to the refrigerator and eats . . . you see the pattern. She is not a scale person. It is not her friend.

Its all how you look at the scale. Also remember its going to bounce up and down as your body does its daily thing. Have some rules. I weigh in the same time every day (am) and wear the same thing (jammies) and even though I weigh daily, I always look at the WEEK’s pattern (upward or downward). I think scales are a good thing.


I have had good fasting stats in the 7 years I found out I am a diabetic. I lost 40 lbs being a newbie to the decease out of fear. I was at 298 and lost down to 260. I gained 10 lbs slowly back. I got to where I forgot the Big D for a few years and started back in my old ways. I did watch my sugar intake, but not carbs. So now my fasting BS is in the 150’s. Yes I have awoke from my eating binge and I am going to try and loose more weight. One pound at a time. I know it has to be a life time way of eating. I need support. I wish we had a food diary group on here so others could tell me what I did wrong…Hey mabe I will start one…Hugs


First, I want to tell Judith Wye that it can be harder to lose weight when you are on insulin but it can be done. I did it three years ago with a really strict Weight Watchers diet and a diet buddy who did not let me get away with an undisclosed bite! Keep at it and it will work. But in the meantime, I am having trouble with my sugars (am on the pump) and I need to lose weight again (more, I did not gain any back but never went to where I should be), and I need a strong push–damomma, I wish you would start a food diary group–I have found that reading this site helps me so much–I don’t feel so quite alone.
Judith B.


I’ve lost 7 pounds since I was dx’d Jan. 27th. Sounds like too much at once. It should go off slow. I see the doc again in a few weeks and will compare my scale to theirs. Even going by when I first got the scale 2 weeks ago, I’ve lost 6 lbs. Only 94 to go! ROFL


Spooky… What is Symlin?
I have started a group called "Weight loss…Daily Journal.
It is a good thing to write down everything u eat during the day. Then u can look back and see why you BS is off as well as your weight… Come join!


I use a software called Calorie King to help me keep track of what I am taking in. Have to remember to use it though!


Damomma–how can I find and join your group “Weight loss.Daily Journal” Thanks for responding–What is Symlin? Is it like Byetta? Judith B.


go to my page Judith…click on the link. We have 5 members so far, so come join us…


Doctor pit me on Glybuside yesterday… I have lost 8 lbs since Last week.!


Join my Weight Loss, Food Diary…if does help to write down what u eat everyday…


Congratulations, Seagator. I am having trouble just now–am terribly insulin resistant and not losing weight or keeping my numbers down but still trying–and writing down everything that I eat with carbs, not calories–do you think it would help me to keep a list of calories too ( alot of detail to keep)–if it’s helpful, I’ll do it. Tell me more about TOPS, please. Where can I find that kind of group?
Judith B.


A new found motivator – I don’t have a full length mirror at home. So, I am not used to the way I look? I walked into the bank today, and saw myself on the glass, and I couldn’t believe how much slimmer I was! It was shocking! lol You guys should toss the full length mirror, too! lol Otherwise, you just see yourself every day, and don’t see the progress… :slight_smile: It was very eye opening.


hi everyone! my name is Sarah, I’m 20 years old and have had type one diabetes for almost seven years. I have gone up and down 10-15 pounds for the past year and cannot seem to keep the weight off. Since I am an overweight type one diabetic I also have symptoms of insulin resistence of type 2. So my doctor put me on metformin and it has helped with lower blood sugars but has done nothing to help with my weight loss struggles. Does any one else here take metformin as a type one?


Hi everyone, I have had Type 2 diabetes for the last 3 1/2 years. I weigh 335 lbs and can’t seem to get rid of it. I’m on two types of insulin, rapid and 24 hour. I’ve tried and tried to lose weight. Any suggestions? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Babs, going low carb is the best and only thing that has worked for me… as it reduces the need for insulin. “The Diabetes Solution” by Dr. Bernstein is a good place to start…


Thanks for your suggestion Lizmari, but I have a hard time with meat of any kind, kind of disgusts me… but I’ll look up the book and see what its like. Is it anything like the new Atkins?