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There’s plenty of low-carb foods out there. Have you ever seen a dietitian? Not a nutritionist, but a registered dietitian? I learned a lot from the one I saw!

For me, since I cannot exercise, it was cutting out anything I didn’t get nutrition from (sodas, sweets), cutting down on the carbs by eating more whole wheat and less starchy foods, and by portion control. I’m losing less than a pound a week, which is a good rate, but I’m still losing! I test my blood a lot to keep track of what foods cause spikes and which don’t. Potatoes are evil creatures! I get less of a spike from pasta!

I also watch the fat intake although it is low on the priority list. I use portion control more with meat than with veggies.


Thanks for the suggestions PaulaO, I’m starting to walk a bit more now, went out to the beach today and walked a bit so that is more than my normal…
I’ve seen so many people but don’t think I’ve seen a registered dietitian…


There are vegetarians that do low carb… and ways to get around it. I have to confess, I wouldn’t be very good at picking any… lol But there’s members here that can advice you :slight_smile:


I don’t each much meat either (gastroparesis). So I do a Mediteranean Diet. Basically veggies, fruits, fish and whole wheat. I agree with Lizmari – low carb is the way to go. I also agree with PaulaO – potatoes are truly evil for me, too. We all experiment and find out what works for us. I can’t walk much (evil neuropathy) so again – do what you can. I wear a pedometer and always push to what I can handle. Portion control was a big issue for me – Italian eyes that always want to feed people all we can. I measure everything except my veggies – ya gotta have one area where the sky’s the limit. I mean, who ever got fat on lettuce and spinach?
Good Luck!


I am also watching my carbs very closely. Gone are the white potatoes but now and then I’ll have a sweet potatoe which has less carbs. No more pizza. (bummer). 2 slices of pizza shot up my BG 150 more than my body was allowed before feeling out of sorts.


Yeah, 2 slices of pizza puts me at 200 mg/dL :frowning:


I go to a local pizza place called Blue Mountain Pizza. They have what they call a “pita pizza”. It is 8" and very thin crust. I get it with sesame seeds on the crust and two toppings. It is cut into 6 pieces and I eat 3-4 and have the rest for breakfast. So far, my BG likes it!

It’s not really on a pita. They use their same pizza dough but make it very very thin.


Hey, we’re going to a movie tomorrow with friends. Movies have always meant Popcorn! for me.

How much can I have? I’ve not had any since my dx so I don’t know what my BG will do. I’m thinking of getting the smallest size they have. Take a bottle of water with me. Anything else?

Afterward, we’re going to a cool Chinese place.


Without butter, 2-3 cups of popcorn is fine. I suppose that’s a size Small. (The butter has all that hydrogenated stuff, anyway, and isn’t really butter. lol) It’s something like 12-15 carbs… If I remember right. Hide the water bottle in your purse, or something. lol Theaters are evil and want everyone to dish out $4 for their fancy bottled water. hehe

Careful with sauces at the Chinese place – they hide a lot of sugar, and carbs… And those springroll wrappers are pretty carby, too. Stick to protein and veggies… Not so much the rice, and other fried things, as they tend to add sugar to them and sugary sauces. Have fun! :slight_smile:


Cooooooool. I’ll go easy on the popcorn and have chicken and broccoli for dinner. I’ll test right before the movie and again before I eat. Then 2hrs after. I’ll let you know how it goes.


How did you do with BG testing after your night out? My favorite Chinese is a mini pupu platter with beef teryaki sticks and chicken teryaki sticks. I dig out the veg from 2 spring rolls and just eat the cream cheese blend from 4 ragoons. No rice


The movie and dinner is today. Morning BG of 112. sigh. Movie at 2:30 (How to Train a Dragon).


I’m new to this board, but not to losing weight. I’ve been working on this for the last 40 years. I really have found a home and success in WW. AND it works for me and my diabetes; I’ve lost 50 lbs thus far and have about 40 -50 more to be at a weight that is healthy for me. I just have to learn to forego the sweets. I need to find foods that fill that need and also stay within my eating plan. So I need to ask for support and encouragement. I’m ready to take the plunge into eating heatlhy AND working on my diabetes. Yea my side!


Today was a “low” day despite myself.

112 out of bed (wish the morning numbers would drop)
123 before going to movie (had about 2 cups of popcorn and some coke)
(2hr 20mins pass)
92 before dinner (chinese)
112 2hr after dinner

I expected it to be higher! I woke with a headache so had a coke w/ breakfast (can’t remember what I had…) On the way into town, we whipped into McD’s and I got chicken nuggets (I shouldn’t have but I was hungry!). Our friends were late for the movie but we got in just in time for it to start. How to Train Your Dragon is a way cool movie, btw. At the Chinese place, I had steamed dumplings and sesame chicken. Again, I was surprised the numbers stayed so low. Some days they do. Other days, they are up no matter what.


Have you seen a registered dietitian?

Some veggies are “free” foods because they are low in calorie and low on carbs. Some are high in starch and should be avoided/limited. I’m liking salads made out of baby romaine and other greens (anything but useless iceberg!) I’ll eat the tomatoes and the cucumbers but give the carrots away. Salads before a meal combined with portion control have done wonders for me.

I reward myself for getting various projects done. Like, I had a friend make me a pan of brownies. I cut them up into 1oz pieces and froze them. When I want a treat, I have one, and only one.

Good habits like never taking the entire bag to the living room, weighing out and understanding portions, and staying away from sodas have all helped me.


What can I do? I am on Lantus 70 units at bedtime. and Novolog 28 units before meals, plus 2500 metformin mgs. I have gained 50 pounds in the 2 years as my insulin goes up so does my weight. Can any of you help me understand this?


Oh, I forgot to ask, has any of tried the HCG protocol to lose weight? Check it out on youtube.com.


I had to get out 7 days a week and start walking building up to 4 miles every day. I come home and do a cardio workout. I haven’t lost another lb. in 4 months so have stepped up the cardio but shortened it since it is harder. Even in bed at night I do leg lifts and crunches in bed. I lost 90 lbs. in about 6 months time but had to get out there and get it moving. I have no idea how old you are but I am 56. and 2500 mgs. of metformin daily.


I have to make menus for the week, shop by the menu and then stick to them! Also exercise when pain is lessened.


Does anyone have ideas on how to have a normal (as possible) BG during the morning before breakfast? Every morning my resting glucose is on average 167. 2 hrs after having my eggs/cheese omelette it goes down to 112. I’m trying to stay off the meteformin, but this high BG is keeping my A1c at 7.7.