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What about switching the metformin to night? My highs are always first thing in the morning and right after breakfast (which is when I take the med). It goes down after that. Even the much larger dinner doesn’t cause that much a high.

I eat the stereotypical lunch for breakfast since there’s not much stereotypical breakfast foods I like or can eat. Cereal is eviler than potatoes.


Tish, it sounds like dawn phenomenon to me… Try having an 8 oz glass of milk at bedtime (avoiding other heavy snacks, to close to bed)… keep the liver busy. And how is your hydration during the day? Do you drink enough of the clear stuff? If I don’t have 72 ounces, I wake up high…


Hi Lizmari, I’ll try the milk at bedtime and i’ll try to drink more water throughout the day. Thanks.


Has everybody read about the new study about coffee? Now ADA is saying that the study from Washington State Univ shows coffee keeps BG high all day. I drink 2 10 oz. cups each day. Last year the study says that coffee was good for diabetics.


It’s good for preventing Diabetes, yes… and there is an agent in it that does this, but it’s not the same agent that raises the BG – the caffeine. So I drink mine decaff, when I wanna have some. :slight_smile:


As of this now I have changed back to decaf. When the previous study said coffee was good for preventing diabetes I switched to caffenated. Infact, a month ago Dr. Oz on TV said the same thing. But now, the message is reversed. It’s like eggs aren’t good for you in one study, then another study says eggs are good for you.
I’ve stuck to my high protein/low carb meals for 3 weeks and have lost 5 lbs. which means I’ve lost a total of 10 lbs in 6 weeks. The weather in NH has finally gotten better for me to walk outdoors.


Oh, that’s great, Tish! Great job on the weight loss. :))) Awesome! Gotta love good weather, and outdoor exercise :)) Hang in there.


A really interesting article on the 10 most common workout mistakes: http://www.askmen.com/top_10/fitness/top-10-common-workout-mistakes_10.html


As soon as mine stabilizes some, I’ll let you know! LOL


The other morning, my weight was 239! First time below 240! It was 248 just a few hrs later but I expected that. It hasn’t gone over 250 in a while (unless I am dressed and wearing shoes).

I have the perfect picture to use to gauge my weight loss. My dog and I were sitting out on the back “deck” and Precious took a picture of us. My back is to the camera and, well, it isn’t flattering. When I no longer wince at photos from that direction, I will be satisfied.


We all fluctuate with our weight, depending on the time of day… We eat throughout the day, and we drink, and retain fluids… plus clothing can be heavy, especially jeans! I always just weigh at the same time, every day, first thing in the morning. Way to go on your weight loss! :slight_smile: I was 248 when I started this little journey, myself.


The day of the dx, I was my heaviest at 269. I’ll admit that here where we, figuratively, let it all hang out. (grin)


ok so the ppl at the hospital weighed me, and i weigh 276. its the lowest ive weighed in a long time


Way to go, kristyna! :slight_smile:


I belong to Take Off Pounds Sensibily (TOPS). Am a snowbird in FL. and I lose when I’m there. I come back to Wi. and do what I do in FL. Walk and watch what I eat, but I gain when in Wii… Been back since April 24 and only lost once (3.5). Today it was 2.5. I need some help and motivation!!! Any advice? Thanks


This has some ideas, foozie… http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14802091/


I wonder if elevation has anything to do with it? Do we weigh more at 5000’ than we do at sea level?


Yeah, kas… I agree with ya. Most I’ve weighed has been 248 lbs, and I was hardly eating a thing because of the depression… I just seemed to look at food and piling on the pounds… Now I’m down to 178, with lowered carb intake, and portion control. :slight_smile:


Welcome to my world. That is totally my husband. He is a cancer survivor so he is home all day and on his own time schedule. I can’t do that. He doesn’t understand portion size or what is a carb or my 5 small snacks a day. I never eat after 8pm - he is just thinking about dinner by then. I tried to take him to the grocery store and explain but he just doesn’t have a clue and no motivation. So I decided I am important and I have to take care of me.
I finally decided to do what I need to do. I eat a snack early when I come home from school/work and have my last little meal/snack around 6:30 and I’m pretty much done eating. If he wants to eat, he can join me but I make my own plate. I still buy him all the treats he loves – I’m always trying to feed him up because he lost so much weight with C – but I’m constantly putting it away out of site. When he eats after 8 I just leave the room. I had to or I would eat and I didn’t need to eat.
Hang in there. Eat when it feels right for you and stick with the portions you know are right. My husband loves me, he just is clueless. So I manage my own life.


Those of you who are using a low carb eating plan, would you mind sharing what you eat with us on an average day. I am doing a low carb plan, and have gained 10 lbs, who would have guessed brocolli plain would add that many pounds :o(