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Typical lo/no carb day. This mixes up but here’s my usual fall back. I do 5 small meals a day. 6:30 up and a yogurt and piece of fruit. 11:00 snack, 1/2 c cottage cheese and some cut up veggies (if I’m hungry I can nuke a soup), 1:00 lunch salad w/tuna or salmon or chicken, 4:00 snack 2 cheese sticks 6:30 dinner fish and veggies (very plain jane). I take this and add “to taste” – different dressings on my salad, add almond slices to the veggies, switch my fruit and veggies around and basically balance it to about 1200 cal a day. I’m gastroparesis so I have some other issues but this is my basic meal plan. Hope that helps you. It is basically the Mediteranean Diet. Since being diagnosed with the gastroparesis last June I’ve lost about 60 pounds so its working out for me. Good Luck Cathy.


random comment.
You know you’re a diabetic when you look at your daily pill dispenser to tell what day of the week it is.


I can’t seem to find your group “Weight loss…Daily Journal”. Help!


I check the pill dispenser to find out if I’m eating brekkie, lunch or dinner!


I am looking forward to being a member of this group. I need a cheer team in my section. I have just been doing it all on my own and writing about it on www.hellocupcakeitsme.com


Hi Everyone! I am back on the “weight loss wagon”. I have been attempting the P90X program for about two weeks. (Off and on) Let’s just say I might have well stuck to the fitness test…major fail. So, far my weight loss is nill. I have started walking my dog more often and at least 2 to 3 times a week using a bike while I am watching tv. I do wear MBT shoes at work and I hope they help.


So I’ve scheduled an appointment to meet with my NP and have just set up a meal plan for myself to eat less (a healthy amount of less) therefore, not needed as much insulin… therefore meaning I don’t store extra glucose as fat! HOW ANNOYING.
I’m 22 5’6" and have somehow reached 170. I’m thinking to myself “wow… how’d I get here” and well - back when I was exercising 5times/week and eating much less and more frequently I was about 25 lbs lighter and had an A1C of about 7. Now, it’s at a 9 and I’m so motivated to get back there.
I’m hoping there are people with similar situations that have been followed by success?
God Speed!


Janie, WOW you are on top of things…and that’s a great start. When I reached 220-- I asked myself the same question, “how did I ever get here”…and then 250 came along. I’ve lost over 50 now, and am sick and tired of it. I am sick and tired of watching everything that goes in my mouth. Yet, I am not sick and tired enough to stop caring and counting. I want the prize at the end, and for me that is health. My last A1C was 6.3; and that was down from 8.2, so I was happy. My weight however is still bouncing around like a hot potatoe. I need it to stop, but it doesn’t. I need to get out and swim, but for whatever the reason, I’m not there. So that is my focus for now.


I think we all go through those feelings. I am 4’9", so you must imagine how much heavier I look than I truly am. I got to 248 lbs, with an A1C of 10.5% at diagnosis, and it was sooooo depressing. But, on my own, I have cut back on my carbohydrates to less than 100 grams a day, and I practice intuitive eating (lots of good books on this)… and with that, I have lost 73 lbs… I know weigh 175. Have 72 more lbs to go, but I feel motivated and pumped. :slight_smile: You can do it!


Thanks for your sharing! Congrats to you both - those are really big successes!
I hope to share my success with you later! Keep going strong :slight_smile:


Wonderful, Nerdie_HiPPie. Way to go! :slight_smile:


If anyone has an XL, or 1XL, Columbia Winter Jacket with hood that they don’t want or need anymore, I could sure use it. As you can imagine, my 3XL jacket doesn’t exactly fit well anymore, and it lets all the cold air in from the bottom. I guess I could stuff my husband and my cat inside, and THEN, it would fit… But I’m not sure they’d like that very much.


Hi, Nerdie_HIPPie, The Diabetic Welfare Queen, Hello Cupcake It’s Me andf everyone–you all really inspire me–it seems like all my life I’m looking at my weight and needing to lose it–I’m 5’3" and 165 lbs.–too much. Hopefully, next time I sign in, I will have lost at least 2 lbs.–that’s a committment. Thanks. Judith


I’m glad that I can help inspire someone… Not because I think I’m all that awesome, in any way, but because… I have struggled SOOOOOO much, all of my life, to lose this weight. Ever since I was a child, my weight was used by many, including my mom, as a point of reference, harassment, instigation, and control. I have been on endless diet after endless diet… And I will NEVER diet again. Ever. :slight_smile: Eating intuitively has helped me heal my mind, as well as lose the weight… I wish we all had enough courage to reexamine the reasons – the true reasons – as to why we overeat, instead of just… mindlessly following a diet plan that will not work for the long term because it does not take care of the root cause of the problem – the reason why we overate to begin with. I recommend “Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating,” by Geneen Roth. It’s a great book. Some of her other books not so much… but that ONE book is a gem. A little cheesy, as it was written in the 80s, but it’s wonderful. We all need to reprogram ourselves… our minds, as well as our bodies… a little at a time. We can do it. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Nerdie_HIPPie, and Diabetic Welfare Queen. . I am on my way to Barnes & Nobles to get the book you recommended, Diabetic Welfare Queen. Judith


Happy Halloween Everyone!


I am looking for a partner to help me stay on the wagon of losing weight. I’ve started to push up that scale again, and it’s not where I want to be. STRESS has gotten to me, and I eat when I am stressed. I exercise, I eat healthy, but when the green eyed stress monster hits, I got for the chocolate guns…and shoot them through my mouth…anyone want or need a partner, I am here.


You know how kids act up when we don’t pay attention to them? Similarly, we act up (and we binge and overeat) when we don’t pay attention to ourselves. We are missing love, and acknowledgement of whatever it is that’s bothering us, or challenging us. It’s one of those things… It’s hard to do… but the best way to do it, is to put down food… promise yourself you’ll let yourself have some of it when you’re physically hungry… and go take a bubble bath, or read a book… or knit… or whatever activity one may not engage in much because one’s always busy with everyone else, or with life.


Hi all… my weight loss was at a stand still so after a chat with my dietician and my GP they decided to try me on Orlistat (xenical). Has anyone tried this?? I have managed a week on it and am soooo miserable it is unreal. Even with tight fat content control (and watching the kids tuck into exciting puds while I have none) I seem to be suffering from the most horrendous effects of this horrid blue pill!!! Dont know what to do…so sick of being overweight, and sick of being embarrassed to go out because of my weight…oh my, Im starting to waffle…back to the point…do I continue with this medication or stop taking it?? HELP!!


Hi Nellie!
I’ve taken Xenical periodically for a few years now and know of what you speak in terms of ‘horrendous effects’. It does take some getting used to, but when the effects are happening, that means it is working for you - getting rid of the fat. So I guess the choice is either not to take in the fat at all, or let the pill do its job … or not. I should tell you, if it weren’t for the Xenical, I would likely weigh about 100 pounds more than I do now (and I’m overweight as is). Try to moderate yourself by taking in less fat and then using less Xenical. Hopefully you and that ‘horrid’ but effective blue pill can reach a compromise.