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Hi, Cathy, I’m here–I would like to be your weight loss partner and know that it would help me to have someone to chat with and to be accountable to. How shall we do this? Maybe we can do it by e-mail? My personal e-mail is jcox_esq@yahoo.com–Let’s give it a try. Judith


Judith and Cathy if you both download skype which is a free program you can video chat and stream workout videos so that you both can do the same workouts at the same time. This way its like having each other in the living/workout room together and makes it nice because that way you are both present and doing the workouts! That is how me and my work out buddy do it.


Thank you, Hello Cupcake It’s Me. I like the idea of video chatting but my apartment is small for a workout and I go to a plain vanilla gym–cardio and weights–Cathy, if downloading skype is good for you, I’ll try it. Judith


Hi, I’m a new member of the group with type 2. After 15 years of pills, my endo added insulin therapy this year and I’m upset with the weight I’ve gained. Looking for some help to keep me from “medicating” with inappropriate foods and getting off my butt and getting that 30 mins of exercise per day I keep promising myself.


The best way to tackle this monster, Creed, is by doing baby steps, every day. Why does it have to be 30 minutes every day? Can it be a casual walk around the block every other day? And pick up from there, if you want to? :slight_smile: You can even do it with a friend, or a spouse.

Also, you can use your meter to learn how foods affect you… and you can get inventive as to making meal substitutes for naughty foods. I use flat out! breads for making my own pizza, at home, and sara lee 80 calories and delightful buns for making burgers… We can still enjoy ourselves, and have fun. :slight_smile: We just have to find the “loop holes,” ya know? :smiley: We’re here for ya.


Why 30 minutes? Because that’s what the endo says I should do. That’s the goal. I’m defining “exercise” rather loosely at this point, walking or bike riding are the two activities I am targeting because they are enjoyable and accessible for me. While keeping the 30 min/day goal in mind, I have set an intermediate goal of 15 minutes/day. Yes, I believe in baby steps.


Yeah, meanwhile, the endo probably goes home and doesn’t lift a finger for the rest of his day. lol hehe :slight_smile: I just think… that we set ourselves these “rules” in stone, and then we sabotage ourselves that way, too… We focus on the “chore,” and the “rule,” and the “you must…” and we don’t focus, for example, on how great it feels to move our body just a little bit… to do what WE are comfortable with, as a start… There’s no hard and fast rule for exercise. They say that because “studies” say this, and say that… But the studies are always changing. try to focus on what is doable for you, and what you can comfortably commit to, without feeling a “gun to your head,” if you don’t do it. :slight_smile:


There’s no doubt that I am my own worst impediment. :frowning:

I have been trying to make sure that the goals I set for myself are S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. For example, “I will walk for at least 15 minutes today.” That’s a specific goal of measurable activity which I feel is achievable and relevant to glucose control & weight loss, and is to be accomplished within a specific time-period. The problem is there are too many days that I can’t/don’t/won’t keep the goals in mind and let them slide on by.

I don’t think it’s that I am uncomfortable with activity/exercise, I just get absorbed in what I’m doing at the computer-- which is my job-- and days can go by before I realize I dropped the ball. (Although I wonder what goes on in my subconscious sometimes.)


BTW: I do appreciate the comments here. Thanks for caring!


Hey, no problem! :slight_smile: I do hear ya on the distraction thing… I walk every morning (before breakfast or anything else), a casual walk, for about 20-25 minutes… and then I do another one 20-25 min before bed. Sometimes I get distracted with morning things, or with night time things. lol I’ve set an alarm now for it, and if not, my husband is also another “alarm” like clock. hehe “Are we going for a walk, yet?” :smiley: I focus on how great it feels, so I just don’t feel like it’s a chore… I don’t ever wanna do anything, eating right or exercising, cus it’s a “must do” chore. lol Cus I will fail, and I know I will… But the crisp cold morning air, and how good I feel out there… or in the evenings… is good enough for me. :slight_smile: If I can’t, one day, no big deal. We’ll do it the next time around… :slight_smile: We’re just human, after all. A little baby in Africa is not gonna die cus I didn’t go out for my walk, you know what I mean? heh :slight_smile: I try to keep myself in perspective… I can be so militant.


So you allowed yourself to have a little escapade… so what? Thin people do it too! lol :slight_smile: Just as long as we don’t eat like crazy 100% of the time, but maybe every so often… than it’s okay. :smiley: I still eat fried food, too… lol :slight_smile: No biggies. No worries. Just forgive yourself for being human, and move on. :slight_smile:


Creed, Getting off your butt as you said, is a start, but once you’ve done that, you will find that just getting off isn’t enough, you will want to do more. But start small, I swim, I love to swim, I could be in the water for 8 hours a day, all shriveled up and looking like a prune, and I’d want to stay some more. But once a week wasn’t enough, I had to have two, then three and now I can do five ---- it gets addicted, and you want to do more. But start by moving off the couch…and then you are on your way!


Heey everyone!

Does anyone find having a high blood sugar most of the time cause you to gain exessive amounts of weight?


@Brandi: definitely… :confused: cus either your body will make too much insulin to deal with it (and the insulin resistance) or you have to inject more insulin to get the # down. And insulin is a fat storing hormone.


@ The Diabetic Welfare Queen: Okay! becuase for the last year and a half i have been running high, like 18, all the time and i’ve gained a lot of weight. I went from 130- 165… I’m only 16 and i’ve been hvaing a difficult time with getting back into shape.


Oh my gosh, way to go, Nerdie_HiPPie!!! :))))) Great job!


well for right now i’m trying the cabbage soup recipe for one week and see what happens


I bet there is a discussion somewhere about blood pressure. But I am going to start a question/comment anyway. =)

I have been slowly working out at least 3 to 4 times a week…which is great and all but I seem to have blood pressure. The last time I saw a doctor they made me lie down after checking and then rechecked it. So, if you have high BP shouldn’t you not workout like crazy? I checked if yesterday and it was 157/90 which for me has lowered a bit. ( Which is good. )


I would cautiously say that with BP, any type of exercise needs to be embraced with great care. Either low or high blood pressure can put stress on the heart when exercising. A doctor or cardiologist would know best on how to proceed on that… for it, I since I went from having high blood pressure issues to having some low blood pressure issues, I had to make sure I was hydrated enough and with enough electrolytes in me, as to not pass out. I am sure with high, hydration might also be important, as well as not putting the body in outside stresses like cold weather exercising, or hot weather exercising, etc. In the long term, though, exercise is key for lowering blood pressure. It is not generally an immediate, post exercise, lowering… but it helps the body lower it over time. A long, warm shower, can also lower blood pressure. :smiley: It’s good to unwind!


A nice hot bath or shower does sound good after a workout. You have got me thinking…Okay, I guess I do have to ease into “hardcore” working out. It is just frustrating, you want to do well and work just as hard as everyone else in the gym. I feel bad if I am just walking on the treadmill or going slow on another machine because even the HR machines are telling me to slow down. Sorry it’s late and I shouldn’t typing on the computer in the first place.