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Congrats Nerdie! Way cool! Keep in mind that the first 10 or so pounds are the easiest. You’ll hit plateaus aplenty but just keep at it.

And Binky, so…start a’ready!

It won’t be easy. But you can do it.


Great job Nerdie!

Last month I lost 5 pounds cutting down calories, and being mindful of quantities… then last weekend I gain them again… Today I started again… not good!


Lost most of the weight I had regained recently. Hey - numbers are going down. (So is my insulin usage).


The scale says that I’ve lost 4 lbs since my heaviest post-insulin weight but I feel better and know that I’ve gained muscle! woohoo. Now just 15lbs to my pre-DM diagnosis goal, which will probably take a while but I am working on it!


i want to reduce 10kilos,going walking 30 min and cycling 30 mins,what else to do.kindly guide me


I am at least a hundred pounds overweight and recently diagnosed with type 2…because of complications from breast and thyroid cancer treatments back in 2004, my ability to exercise has been extremely limited. I think this new diagnosis is the kick in the pants I needed to just get up and do what I can. I have a LONG way to go and will need lots of support. Thanks for being there! Blessings,Susanna


Hey, you can do this. I have disabilities too and exercise, especially repetitive motion, are difficult. First, decide what you can do. If you can walk, do so. As much as you can. Park further and further away from the door at the store or when you do errands. Go for short walks around the neighborhood or park. The thing is since you have had low activity for a while, slightly higher activity is still good. Moving more than you are now is good. It burns calories. Or get a stationary bike. I got one of those simple base models that is just the pedals. The good thing is that on good days, I can also use it with my arms. If you have the room, a recumbent stationary bike costs nearly the same and would be much more comfortable for you.

Add exercise slowly. Talk to a Physical Therapist and get some good ideas from them. Also see a Registered Dietitian (not just a nutritionist). She can help you figure out how to slowly change your eating habits and how to eat based on your exercise. Your blood sugar is going to need careful watching as you increase your activity and she can advise you on what is best to eat before, during, and after.

You aren’t going to lose that weight fast and, really, you don’t want to. Slow weight loss means it stays off longer.


And I started a discussion a looong time ago. There’s some good ideas there!



I just joined a gym, going good so far. I walked 2.42 miles last night. Any other weight lose tips. Trying to get my diet under control to.


What a welcome site this is for me! I need to lose about 35 lbs. I even went to a seminar on weight loss surgery at NYU Hsopital–lap band, but found that I need togain weight for that surgery or else my medical won’t pay for it. So, I’m in it by myself, so to speak. I started with a friend and we decided to be weight loss buddies and it worked for me for 6 lbs., and then she decided she wasn’t into it. HELP! I need support and stick-to-it-ness. Any thoughts? I do weights for 15 minutes every day at home and am recovering from a gym injury–after that I shall go back-- Thanks for reading my l–o--n–g drawn out tale of woe. Judith


First realize that “diets” don’t work. Changing patterns work. Portion control works. Diets are self-defeating money makers for the diet designers.

See a Registered Dietitian (not a nutritionist). They are the person to see, especially for diabetics.

Lifting weights is good but only if your heart rate increases. You aren’t out to build muscle but to burn fat. Anything that increases your heart rate is burning calories. Walking up stairs, parking further away from the door, aerobics, etc. Friend of mine’s current exercise is to roller blade. She loves it! She has to keep changing her routine because her body gets used to it. Her weight loss counselor suggested roller blading and there she went!

As for food intake, portion control. Eat at the table but keep the pots/pans/bowls on the counter. Weigh/count out your snacks, don’t eat out of the box or bag. Watch carb and fat more than calories. Eat 4-6 small meals vs 3 large ones. Make breakfast the largest meal.

For me what worked was eating stereotypical lunch as my first meal. I am a night owl anyway. I fell off the wagon this summer because I was away from home in a stressful situation. I regained 20 of my nearly 30 pound loss. But, it happens and I am working hard to lose it again now that life has settled.


Got my first double digit glucose today!!! 84!!! Tada… and down 2.5 pounds today…moving in the right direction… Endo didn’t want to talk about diabetes today (only thyroid)… says she doesn’t “do” new diabetics… good thing I have an appt with PCP tomorrow morning.


Endo that doesn’t do diabetes?! Specialists are getting TOO specialized!


She does Diabetes, just not newly diagnosed ones… she said…“there are far too many of you and you take too much time”… gotta love that LOL


Oh, there is so much to say about that “doctor”.

Congrats on the weight loss. Every little pound helps.


feel like crying… PCP did NOT start oral meds… can’t get in to see diabetes educator until 3/3… and don’t feel like I am making progress on my own. I feel like I am getting somewhere then BANG a high number when I have been doing the same thing. I just don’t understand. PCP wants me to check before meals, but the more I read, the more it makes sense to me to check 2 hours post. I mean, that’s what it is all about right? And he wouldn’t write me a script for a large number of strips… only 100 a month… that isn’t even three times a day… I am very frustrated right now… and feeling very alone…


And the worst part is… I GAINED a pound today… now I really feel like crying… yes, I know this is for the long haul… but still…


No, you can’t get mad for a pound weight gain. That is self-defeating. Weather, time of day, all sorts of factors. Stop weighing yourself daily. Go for once a week or even twice a month. You just can’t do that to yourself.

As for the doc, what are your glucose readings and your Ac1? If strips are limited, test first thing in the morning before eating (fasting) and test 2hrs after a meal (any will do, I test after dinner).

What machine are you using? Some have very very expensive test strips and others are way cheap. Mine are <$30 for a can of 50.


Newly DX in January 2011 with Type 2 diabetes - Doctors caught early A1C is 6.4 Fasting BG 146. Controlling with diet and exercise. I have started a low carb Primal/Paleo diet and it is working well thus far. Anyone following a low carb diet currently. How does it work long term? I understand the ADA doesn’t really approve of a low carb diet, but eating lots of carbs with diabetes just doesn’t make sense to me. I have also started excercising 6 days a week by walking 2 miles everyday and weights 2/3 x’s a week. Nothing like a DX of diabetes to get you motivated. Hope I can keep it up. Current weight is 228 (already lost 13 lbs since DX). Goal weight is 160.


I don’t know if mine is considered low carb but that is what I watch more than calories.