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now reduced 3 kilos,thats great


Congrats! Excellent!

(3 kilos = 6.6 lbs)


I am the reigning Miss Anchorage and will be competing for Miss Alaska this June! I just started pump therapy in order to control my diabetes and help me rid of diabulimia. I am terrified now since I have gained 10 pounds pretty much overnight! I have read how hard and long it takes to lose weight…plus I have been diabetic for over 18 years so I already know. I want to know what I can do to lose weight the quickest or at least more effeciently so that I don’t go back to my diabulimia in order to feel comfortable competing this summer. I am very conflicted between wanting to lose weight but at the same time be healthy.


I just wanted to share my victory today!! I joined Curves one month ago and have been eating a low carb diet (well low for me 120-140 carbs/day) and eating every two hours… My bs is normal, and I just had my first weigh and measure at Curves… I lost 15 pounds and 8 inches overall. I am very excited. This is the first time I have been able to lose weight in years!


Eden… how thrilling for you. Alaska is my FAVORITE place in the whole world. I just love it up there… I wish you luck in your future pagaents. And always always pick healthy over skinny if you have to choose between the two!!!


My boyfriend is very encouraging for me to become healthy but it’s so darn hard, especially since I am doing everything right and still gaining weight! He says that it’s probably muscle weight but it’s still so frustrating! I eat low carb and exercise everyday. HELP! What is the next step? What am I doing wrong?!!


Yes, muscle weighs more than fat. Weird but true.

In a nutshell, stop doing muscle exercises and focus more on cardio. You can try roller blading, swimming, aerobics, etc etc. Something that uses the whole body and/or gets the heart rate up.


I’m trying my best not to get discouraged but I have been working out every single morning for the last 2 months on an elliptical machine for at least an hour, have not lost a single thing. If anything, my clothes are more snug on me. I’m Type 1 with a pump. I don’t want to give up but just wish I could see some kind of result from all my hard work.


Try a different exercise maybe? I am assuming you already watch what you eat in terms of calories and carbs. Have you discussed weight loss with a registered dietitian?


Hello everyone! I'm new here and looking to shed about 50 lbs. Struggling with my snacking. I often find I get really hungry, especially later in the day, and snack uncontrollably. So here I am, 24, looking to lose weight and training for my first marathon in May!
Looking forward to meeting others on here!


Hey guys. I'm Jasmine 23 Type 1. I really need to lose weight. Over the past couple of years I have become over weight. It's like when i get depressed, lonely, or scared I tend to snack. Then why I go hypo I over eat to bring it up because of being so shaken. I would like to start by losing 30 lbs. Just really need help. Haven't had great experience going to the gym. Fainted on a treadmill.


You need to exercise slowly. Watch your glucose carefully. Some people exercise for 15 minutes then test. Eat some carbs before you start. And especially talk to your doc first! Ask him/her for advice on how you should approach this.

Some people, their glucose drops when they exercise. Others, it raises. Test your blood, exercise for 15-20 minutes, test again. Rinse, repeat. If you notice a significant drop or increase, stop.

As for snacking with hypos, again, figure out what it takes to get it back up. Plan it out. Keep things on hand just for this. For me, I eat a spoonful of peanut butter then make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or eat one of those individual packs of 100 calorie snacks. That combination works for me.

The goal with weight loss is to lose about 1-2 pounds a week. You'll lose more some weeks, less on others. Just keep at it. The slower you lose the weight the better because then it will take longer to come back if you slide. Some people like to vary their exercise to keep it interesting. Especially change it if you hit a plateau. Any exercise where your heart rate increases is what you want. Climb real stairs. Park further away at the mall. Walk the dog further. Roller blade. Jog. Walk fast. Etc.

And again, talk to your doctor or to a registered dietician. He/she will be able to help, too. I got the best advice from the dietician!


THE MOTHER OF ALL PLATEAUS -- I am there and it is awful. I have spent the entire summer watching my food and going to the gym - 1 hour every day - mixing it up, working hard, doing everything I can think of AND I HAVEN"T LOST A POUND. This is depressing. They tell me to celebrate the Non Scale Victories -- the heck with that - I WANT TO SEE SOME NUMBERS CHANGE! and when you aren't losing all you can THINK about is why not!?!?!?!? Yikes.


Sooo true, Marcia... and so demoralizing! I have asked your question of my dietitian and been told to bump up my proteins in a big way. She said it might stimulate or 'shock' my metabolism into a more normal mode since it's currently in "starvation mode".

Your body is telling you you're starving and is trying to do you the favour of not letting you die! I know - even knowing why doesn't help those numbers shrink, but it's a start!

I use a whey protein powder that gives me about 33 g protein when I add it to cup of skim milk.... and I try to drink 2 cups a day. The whey powder was even chocolate flavoured so it really 'felt' like a cheat but wasn't.

The other old saw is (the fact that) muscle does indeed weigh more than fat so the exercise you're doing is helping! I noticed that I'm still shrinking a bit - or my clothes are growing ... but that scale still won't budge. I think maybe someone super-glued it while I slept.

It might feel good to do something to celebrate your efforts and success so far... something other than a box of donuts, of course, but maybe you owe you a new outfit or hairdo or even something on a bracelet to commemorate your amazing accomplishments.

But mainly - most importantly ....


I go with the super glue theory! Thanks! I'm not giving up. I've lost 120 lbs. but I still have a way to go and its hard! I went out and bought myself some watercolor supplies to cheer me up! Good idea. Be joyful!


Hi, I want to join up with others who are struggling with weight and diabetes. it has been proven if I go to the gym regularly and stay on a perfect menu, I do lose weight...... hopefully here I can find friends and support to get back on track and to stay there and look much better while I am still feeling young and active. What a shame to go down fat and off track..


Andurea replied to Ann’s discussion ‘Game Medical Terms ABC’
“Today is day one on Qsymia “diet pill” anyone else trying this drug and have some information to share? Just a note I have considered the pros, cons and potential side effects so no need to repeat here. Thanks for sharing in advance!”


Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to this site and I'm still finding my way around it! :)
Anyway my name is Sam, I'm 24 and from Melbourne, Australia. I've had T1D for 9 years and am on an insulin pump.
Feel free to add me! I'm excited to meet others who can understand what its like living with diabetes. :)


I'm 52 yr old woman, dxed T2 3 years ago. I am 20 lbs. above a healthy BMI. My goal is to lose 10 lbs by May. (Why not all 20? Because I'd go crazy living on so little food!) My main motivation now is to see if this will help decrease my A1C (7.0)--certainly the better habits involved should have that effect.
I joined a new gym 3 weeks ago & am quite enchanted by it! I love the range of equipment & have been working out longer & pushing myself harder. All good!
Food-wise, I'm now starting the day with a glass of water & continuing my usual lower carb routine (under 100 g).
My biggest demon: nighttime snacking. This is a long-time crutch, but maybe I'll beat it this time. This 4th meal is probably explains the extra 20 lbs. And definitely not good for my diabetes!


Well, I haven't lost weight (yet), but after a month of more exercise + better diet my A1C is down to 6.5. I'm buoyed by this news and gonna keep on with my new routine.
This week I'm adding an additional set to my strength training circuit. Instead of 2 eggs for breakfast, I've replaced 2 eggwhites for 1 of the whole eggs.