For the competitive riders out there...
I'm finding some time to get back on the bike and thinking of renewing my USAC license and jumping into some local races for the first time since being diagnosed as a Type 1. I know that USADA doesn't require a TUE for insulin PRIOR to competition for non-national athletes. However wondering if it's worth it to get one ahead of time rather than deal with providing the documentation after the fact on the very small chance I'd actually be tested... What do others do? Might be kinda cool to say I have a TUE ;-)

Tested for insulin? I've not heard that it is a banned substance. Is it?


Yes, it's a banned substance.

I have a TUE, although I've never had to use it.

I think if you got back into racing and were mopping up the competition winning podium after podium, it would only be a matter of time before you'd need one. For most of us average cyclists or even age group triathletes, it's really not a "requirement" as much as it's just an insurance policy (so you wouldn't get DQed if they did decide to test you following a race).

"Yes, it's a banned substance."

What asshat, pray tell, thought THAT was a good idea??! *_*

Ridiculous. I never knew that Team Type 1 had to get TUEs for their insulin when they were racing in the ToC. Crazy.

Just stop taking it, you guys!!! /irony


Pros were using it to ingest large amounts of carbs in a very short period of time as part of recovery process after racing...so it was banned.

But yes, it does seem silly for someone with a diabetes diagnosis to have to get one. We're never not going to need one, ya know?! It's like having to get a new Rx every year for insulin or test strips...I'm never not going to need those things, so why do I need to go through another co-pay at the endo's office to get it "updated"?!

When Michael Rasmussen finally admitted to doping during his where-abouts violation that got him thrown out of the tour while leading it was actually for insluin. Though I think he was using it for the anabolic affect to build lean muscle. Team Type 1 (now Novonordisk) needs the TUEs not only for the insulin but also due to the UCI 'no-needle' policy. Despite the remark in the WADA documentation on insulin that when it is required for treatment of Type 1 or Type 2 it can be considered as being needed for life the TUE is only good for 8 years. I don't think I'll be getting tested for wining too much any time soon but with the RaceClean program the odds of a random test would go up. I'm actually seeing my endo next week anyway and thought I might just bring the forms with.

Well, I just had no idea. It is life-sustaining for me (and for you and other PWDs), so the idea of using it for anything other than that is reprehensible to my way of thinking. Thanks guys (you know who you are) for screwing it up for the rest of us.

I suppose you should take the forms in then. What a drag.