Tummy bruising and injections getting more painful....any tips?

I don't see much correlation of anything to anything. Sting or painless, bruise or no bruise, etc. . . . . they don't seem to follow any pattern. In any case it's an insignificant price for good health . . . so I no longer pay any attention. It just does what it does.

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In the many years that I have been a diabetic, I have learned a few things:

1) Do not reuse lancets and needles. In order to deliver a comfortable "stick," they need to be sharp and that doesn't happen after having been used. If your insurance doesn't pay for a better needle, then you are literally "stuck" with what you can get. To the end of receiving the most comfort, asking your pharmacist is a good way to get turned on to various solutions that may lead to your comfort.

2) Bruises are a way of life sooner or later. You should have seen me a few years back! Side-to-side bruises. Couldn't figure a place to stick myself without leaving marks.

3) I switched to the insuln pump and haven't had a bruise in at least 6 years. That doesn't mean I don't have problems. I now have little hard and somewhat tender spots under the skin. That's my next subject of discussion with my endo.

The moral of this story is that, any time you constantly stick the same area (no matte ow you spread it out), you will get bruising and/or hard spots. Multiply it by how many times you actually [and incidentally] hit the same spot within weeks. It adds up to a mind boggling number. I wonder if hot compresses for a few minutes on the site may help. Maybe not right after the penetration, but maybe a half hour to an hour??

Good luck all. Keep us advised of any serendipitous cure!!