Tweaks and Compromises for Feast Days

With no meds to help compensate for extra carbs or whatever, how do we all enjoy the feast, but still keep our numbers in order? For instance, on our recent Fall Feast here in the USA, I walked 1.5 miles in the morning instead of 2 miles. And while food was cooking, instead of my usual 40-minute workout, I did a 20-minute workout. Seems to have worked—this time, anyway.

I do hope that one way or another, you all feasted well and enjoyed it!..Judith in Portland

P.S. I’m working with a 4.9 A1c at the moment, though I can’t imagine that I will really be able to maintain that very long!

When I was first diagnosed, I went on diet and exercise only for about 9 months.
Here were my A1C’s


Immediately upon the 5.3 I went on insulin. I had a bad problem with rapid weight loss and couldn’t stop it. Insulin fixed that problem.

To control my spikes, I ate nearly an all meat diet with no more than 6-8g of carbs per meal.
I also drank 1/2 gallon of water with each meal, and another 1/2 gallon of water at bedtime.

After eating, I waited about 30-60 min then went for a brisk long walk for about 45min to an hour.

If my BS was still high I would drink more water and walk some more.

I was living to treat the disease to the exclusion of all else. This is not a life, it is an existence. Insulin gave me back most of my life, but I still have to watch the carbs vs exercise.

Oh, and lifting heavy bags of dirt and mulch, spreading it helps a lot. In the winter I prayed for a lot of heavy wet snow. I so much wanted to eat that Milky Way candy bar. I kept it in the freezer and it’s still there as of today. I never got the right kind of snow so I could work off the blood sugars by shoveling.

I keep it as a reminder of what I could have, if the weather was just right.

For thanksgiving and Christmas, I ate then waited exactly 30 min. I for on a treadmill at 3mph with an incline of 3. I did that for 45 min. I actually went hypo doing that due to the low carb intake.

Now, I don’t compromise. I eat anything I want, but with some smarts. I don’t eat large amounts of carbs unless I eat an even larger amount of fat & protein. And inject accordingly.

Fat and protein will slow down carb absorption and you will have lower spikes, but for a little longer period.

I a newbie. Your first number looks like mine and I think my second number will be like your second number. Why would a 5.3 be 'bad'? Sounds like a good thing but I don't know much about it.
That is a lot of water. Why? What does that do for you.