Tweet or Feet - Week 4 (the end!)

We're still recovering from celebrating a JDRF Walk team fundraiser last week. Seemed like a great idea to have a drive-thru spaghetti dinner at my house. We thought maybe 60 people would place orders. Instead my wonderful neighbors turned out in force and we wound up serving 140 dinners. That's 280 meatballs!

It really was fun and it gave a big boost to our family team, just in time for the Charlotte JDRF Walk this Saturday.

I started this campaign to spread the word about type 1 diabetes and to gain some attention for the Charlotte Walk. Since the walk is almost here, Tweet or Feet is winding down.

As of today, #tweetorfeet has been seen by more than half a million people!

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That's great news. Congrats. how on earth do you make that many meatballs at one time?