Twins type1 mummy

Hi everyone,im 12 weeks with my second and have my first scan in 4 days. Twins are on my dads side both his mum AND dad were a twin so my chances are pretty high to have twins myself, my question is are there are type1 mums here that have had twins and if youve allready had a single pregnancy was the one with twins any differant? Ive had random/unexplained highs and panic attacks when ive hypoed which have now gone thankfully! My other symptoms are sorry fot tmi rapid breast size change and quite a big bump allready! Sorry for the long post!

Hi Nicci, I'm about a week ahead of you (16 wks today) and am having boy/girl twins. There are no twins in the family so no idea where they came from ;) I did have a couple of other pregnancies over the last 18 months and twins felt a LOT worse in terms of symptoms - more nausea, more exhaustion, sorer breasts, and needing maternity clothes much sooner. It can be hard to tell whether your symptoms are worse *for you* though without a point of comparison. Regardless of whether you're having one or two, congrats :)