Two steps forward, one step back!

Well at last my night time blood sugar is under control… and with the dose the way it is… just 5 units of Novalon, I’m having no through the night lows… Yay!

My main problem now is the daytime… I’m still on the pills, Metformin 1000mg One tab. 2x a day, Glipizide Two 10mg tabs 2x a day and Actos One tab 1x a day. But my blood sugars still shoot up after breakfast into the medium to high 200’s and take forever to come down… they do eventually come down into the high 100’s after taking the tablets before the next meal, but nowhere near as much as they should.

The diabetes educational lady said that if I started with good numbers before breakfast, I should have fairly good numbers through out the day… Ha! that’s laughable… So it looks like I’m going to need more insulin. I think they’re hanging on to that diagnosis of diabetes two…

One thing though, after doing the night time injection, jabbing myself no longer holds any fear… so I know I’ll be ok if I have to do it more often. And what everyone else told me is dead right… it hurts more to test than it does to inject.

Well here’s to the next phase… thank you to all of you who’ve given me help and advice. God bless you all. xxx

Correction to above… it’s Novolin…lol. I believe that’s NPH isn’t it?

It really does hurt more to test than inject. Yay, no more fear of injections! Happy your night BG is good. That’s great.

Novolin is NPH, yes. It’s not used much any more because it’s not terribly predictable. People have better success using a basal insulin to keep BG level between meals & overnight & rapid acting before meals, if they use MDI (multiple daily injections).

Starting with good fasting BG is helpful, but you’re right it’s no guarantee for the rest of the day. Of course if you started out high, you’d be even higher. Kind of a ridiculous statement on her part when you have spikes after meals.

Thanks Gerri. I guess I spoke too soon about the night time thing though… I’ve gone down with a cold and it’s knocked the insulin out of sync… I was high bg this morning… Phew… I’ll get it right one of these times. x

Sorry! Being sick throws everything off. Don’t let that get you down. Just a blip in the road, but sure is aggravating. Drink lots of fluids. We need this more than the average sick person.

Hope you’re feeling better soon!