Typ[e] 2 and working the 3rd shift!

DO YOU BELIEVE YOUR TYP[E] 2 IS A RESULT FROM WORKING THE 3RD SHIFT? I am not suggesting it was the only factor but played a major contributing role in your conditione. I had read that people who do work the 3rd shift or variable shifts have a higher chance of developing TYP[E] 2.


My story…
To many different people it is called many different things such as: the dog shift, overnights, graveyard shift, the night shift, etc…at my job we call it the 3rd shift! This would mean going to work roughly between 10:30 pm till 9:00 am the next morning. Some where in this time frame is when you work.

I have worked the 3rd shift now collectively over 6 years. At my current job, I have been asked to be “flexible” by coming in early, staying late, or working excessive amounts of overtime on weekends (6-7 days a week). It was not unusual to work close to 56 - 65 hours a week.

During this time I developed my Type 2 condition. I don’t deny that my normal lifestyle wasn’t the greatest but i do believe my efforts in trying to be the “team player” have damaged me more than helped me. The only thing I can say now is that I have decent insurance to help out with the Typ[e] 2.


I’ve heard this before. And became aware of higher-than-good sugar levels after about 6 or 7 months on 3rd shift. I don’t have an official type 2 diagnosis, but my dr said the levels I’ve been seeing are definitely diabetic. What I don’t know is whether this started after starting 3rd shift, or whether I just happened to find out about it then. I know I’m not helping things with my schedule - I’m 10pm-8:30am 4 days a week, then I stay up most of the next day so I can be on a “normal” schedule for my weekend, and then it’s about 30hrs awake getting back into 3rd shift. It’s a schedule that works with my schedule outside of work, but I think it’s definitely having a negative affect on my health.
Where I work, at least, it’s sort of a “known fact” that you’ll feel like crap most of the time when you work 3rd shift (combination of tired and sick). I don’t think that can possibly be a good thing…

Take care of yourself while you are on 3rd shift. Make sure you have a definate sleep, medication, exercise and eating schedule. Do not stray away from this schedule. If you have to get a doctor’s note then do so. I will be getting one from my doctor to stop my job from working me with all this overtime.

When I don’t eat and do meds on schedule I will come to will come to work with elevated BS levels. I feel like crap for the first 2 hours. I normally feel fine when I have eaten and stuck to my schedules. Lately I have been feeling sicky and my BS are all over the place.

My advise would be not to let the job use and abuse you like allowed my job to do. It is a relaxed/but sometimes stressful enviroment but when they needed coverage for someone else I was always the first person asked and accept. Not anymore. I feel like I have lost respect with my co workers especially when I wanted to do some day shift training and nobody would cover me. Now I have to stay over time to train. So now I am learning to value my space, my time, and my body… This work, work, work crap is over. My boss will have to start looking for other people because I will be unavailable.

Take care of yourself!!

Good for you, deciding not to cover for everyone anymore. I recently made the same decision, and managed to keep that decision the last time I was asked to cover an inconvenient day. I have no problem covering, if it’s helpful to me to switch, but no more last minute agreeing to cover when it’s going to mess up my weekend things to do!
Right now, I’m not on any meds. And for some reason, my sugar levels have been quite good the past month. Makes me nervous, since there’s no good reason why. The weather’s colder and I’m having worse allergies than I’ve ever had, for this past month. But I don’t see why that should make my sugar levels better… Not that I mind, but it’s like I’m sitting here waiting for them to get bad again… I agree with what you posted on my blog post - about needing to find a new endo. I keep going back and forth about whether I’ll just be wasting my time, at this point, since the numbers I have from recently are not bad at all. But, they’re creeping back up, so maybe soon I’ll go.
I’m going to 2nd shift in a few months - that will be a good thing for lots of reasons. And hopefully that will help this stuff too!
You take care too! :slight_smile:

I know you find a good endo… put a message on the blog here for asking names of an endo in your area. It is important to monitored especially if you are new or not experienced with the disease. I know that my job is planning to lay me off by the end of the year. I know my next job I will not be working another night job. For right now I am living with this. It is tiring. I get the feeling they will try and get rid of me sooner if I start putting demands on them. But it is what I must do since my body is not responding well to anything.

Take Care…

Good luck :slight_smile: I hope you find a job that will be a better schedule for you!