Type 1.5

I read your story Manny H. about your being a 1.5. Apparently I am one also. I had hypoglycemia all my life and was diagnosed with T2 in 2006, insulin-dependent since last Nov. My endo is talking to me about the possibility of putting me on a pump. My 21-year-old daughter became a T1 after she had her thyroid removed due to cancer at 18. Are all T2s that have to go on insulin really T1.5s? I have been misdiagnosed many times. I also have been treated for Grave’s Ds, fibromyalgia, mild scleroderma and OA (recent thumb joint replacement). I am so sensitive to insulin right now that I am almost afraid to give myself a large dose. In the evenings I have to triple my ratio (use less insulin) or I will go down to the 30s…not a good place to be. I don’t want to be on a first name basis with my local EMTs (but guess it doesn’t hurt - at least they know what going on…) Thanks for feedback.

No, not all type 2’s are actually 1.5, they are two totally different things. However, many doctors confuse 1.5 for type 2, because many LADA patients are also insulin resistant. If your insurance will pay for the pump, please go for it. The pump will give you much tighter control of your diabetes. Unfortunately, injections are not for everybody. For many people, the pump is much easier, and have fewer lows…

Hi D.D.,

Type 1.5 is an autoimmune disease, meaning your body’s own immune system formed antibodies that attack and destroy the cells in your pancreas. T 1.5 can be slow progressing (meaning this process occurs over a longer period of time then is typical for a T1) or others have defined T 1.5 as an autoimmune disease where you also have insulin resistance, similar to a T2.

It’s very possible that you are a T1.5 without insulin resistance because you have another autoimmune disease, Grave’s, and because as you say you are sensitive to insulin. T2s do not typically progress to insulin as fast as you did. But T2s can be treated with insulin once the oral meds can no longer control your bgs by themselves.

Hope this answers your question.