Type 1 and drivers licenses

Just thought I saw someone wrote a blog about type 1 and something about drivers licenses? Anyone know this refrence? Thanks

Not a specific question but I thought I saw a post in the last few weeks about something to do with T1 and drivers licence? I know that for ON there is a questionair that asks if you’ve had any loc’s in a certain time frame. Anyhow about a year later after sending 2" file of documents (A1c’s, logs, doctors note, etc) they finally agreed to let me transfer from NB to ON. It took a year and was a nightmare to say the least. I happpend to have an loc that fall but it was extremly uncommon for me. I’ll be moving to the States, NY in the next few months and am hoping I can transfer easily and hopefully without any tests or documents and such. I know that you can lose you licence for sugars that are either too low or too high, so now I do a bs whenever I drive. I didn’t know they had access to health files and record that type of info, I suppose it makes sense and am surprised it doesn’t say anything on our licences. As for the blog, I don’t know when it was but was just interested to read it.