Type 1 and ovulation

Hi! I am new to this website and this group. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I am tracking my ovulation and I’m curious if anyone else is doing that? Occasionally, right around my ovultation I think my blood sugar dips really low. Has anyone experienced anything like that?

Hi Katie! I am at the same point of pre-conception and tracking ovulation. But I am experiencing the exact opposite in that my blood sugar goes high around ovulation and drops low when I start my period. It must be different for each case.
There was also a discussion on this in the Diabetes and Women group that might be helpful to you. Best of luck!

I have just begun to track ovulation and I think that I tend to go low also. I also go low the day before and the first day of menstruation.

I’ll keep an eye out for my blood sugars now and let you know if I can see patterns!

Hi ladies, I also have started to keep track of my ovulation. I find that my blood sugar is high at the beginning of ovulation and then starts to change immediately after. Once my period has started I have to reduce my insulin even more…over all it’s a 50% change in insulin delivery. I want to keep track of it so I can have better control over the high sugars that can sneak up. Also I want to start preparing myself for pregancy. I was diagnosed one year ago so this is all so new and overwhelming.

Good luck to all!