Type 1 and riding amusement park rides?

My step son want to Busch Gardeks on 3 different occasions. Each time his blood sugar went very high and would not respond to his Humalog shots. Can anyone explain this?

Excitement and anxiety can increase BG. Sometimes it will lower it. YDMV.


The whole point of many of these rides is to make you feel disoriented and that you are about to die. Your body releases hormones like adrenaline which help you run away from danger. But young men don’t often do that. So your blood sugar surges.

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That happens to me pretty much every time I travel, particularly in the first couple of days. He was excited, maybe a little internalized stress from all the stimuli, and that increases stress hormones and BG. You can bring along some ketone strips when you travel and if he tests positive, that can make BG kind of stubborn to bring down. You can add another small amount of insulin to the usual correction and that should help bring it down. Run this by your endo first to see how much they recommend.

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