Type 1 and taking a martial Art class

I was really thinking about learning Jujitsu any one on here learning a martial art. Im kind of nervous because i am on the pump worried about my site getting rip out. Im just bored with my daily workout not motivated any more so i thought learning jujitsu could change things up.

I started BJJ march 08. I stopped a little while ago because I got busy with work and other stuff. I never had a single site come out while doing it. I generally would disconnect my pump and then just cover it with some film. Controlling my blood sugar was a bit tough especially since some days were a lot more intense than others.

It’s fun though and great exercise. Good luck!

Hello Darryl:

I think I can answer this one… in so far as I am a professional martial arts teacher for 20+ years, its my “day job” ; ).

It is not a popular view amonst the pump crowd, but, I do not believe normal martial arts practice is typically consistant with pump usage. The diabetic martial arts teachers and students whom I’ve encountered found them very incompatable. It does not matter the art, whether Tai Chi Chuan, BaGua, Karate (Okinawan), Jujitsu, Capoeira, Tae Kwan Do, Hwrang do, Mu Duk Kwan, Hapkido, Muay-Thai, Kickboxing, Pinjat SIlat, Brazilion JuJitsu, etc… whatever the particular art… the traditional uniforms normally and most definately the physical activity at some point during ones training eventually has strong contact with another person… Judo, jujitsu, more so.

Gladly hear from Jujitsu, Judo practitioners who find those arts compatable w/ pump usage… but I have never found one to date! My art is Okinawan, and the standing grappling is minimal in nature but even so the nights we did not grapple/“spar” my pump still flew across the room more times than a bird flys in a normal day… and that was solo practice, group warm-up drills, performing a strong kick twenty times, or practicing what is called kata even.

The pump did not play well, ever.

Starting a martial art, any art/practice, requires observation before you just “jump in”. You want to make sure you have a strong understanding what the instructor is actually trying to teach, and how they are going to go about it with you! You do not want to learn from a neanderthal or an egotistical jerk, unless you actually like their approach. Watch not just one class, but a couple, get a strong sense of what they do, how they do it before you commit yourself. It will save huge time, effort and money if you do so.

Never ever ever sign any contract for martial arts training, they are money generators solely for the school’s owners, and a nightmare to untangle yourself from. Buyer beware…


Stuart, I did brazilian jiu-jitsu a few times a week for about a year and am on the pump. I would NEVER do it with it on though. I used the disconnect feature on the pump(I am on a cozmo) and would generally have some gatorade handy during class. I had some control issues on some days, but overall I did decent. Class + rolling afterward was generally around 1.5 hours and I felt fine most days doing it the way I was.

Hello Glen:

Exactly my point.

But his question was NOT whether we could disconnect and do martial arts, the question was if the two were compatible, ie USE a pump AND do in his particular case jujitsu! Keep it on, not have to worry about it getting pulled off/out, snagged by our partner, etc.

Sugar free garorade for hydration or gatorade because the basal was set too high and the BJJ exersion bottomed you out? I’m curious what kinds of control issues did you have on those BJJ practice days? DKA bounce or DKA from the disconnect possibly?

Stuart .

Well, I wouldn’t ever consider using the pumping while doing it. That’s like considering using the pump while playing football. Could you? I guess so, but it really isn’t practical. I felt like taking it off for 1-2 hours really wasn’t a big deal at all. I would leave my site in, use a disconnect bolus set for 1 hour and 45 mins and go to class. Afterward, I would reconnect and give me some insulin.

It may be incompatible for a teacher who is doing it all day, but he isn’t going to be doing that from what I can tell. As a student, and someone that’s played a good amount of other sports, I don’t consider disconnecting for a few hours as a reason to not use a pump.

The gatorade was just in case if I felt I was going low. I didn’t always drink it, but I’m not completely hypo unaware, so some days I would drink it if I felt like I needed too.

Obviously I’m not a doctor and don’t profess to be one. What I was doing worked for me, but YMMV. I only went at night about an hour and a half after dinner. I would check myself before leaving to go to class and after I got home and got it down after some adjustments to where my sugars were consistent.

Thanks Glenn and Stuart for the replys the class is 2 hrs long and i planned on disconnecting my pump for class I was just worried about my site getting ripped out during class guess i will have to see what happens I will be doing Danzan Ryu Jujitsu so I believe there will be grappling involved. Thanks Stuart for letting me know what to look for with the class and instuctor. I do plan on watching couple of classes and i do know i will pay monthly no contract. But i thank you both for your replys they helped alot will let you know how it goes Take Care Darryl

My son plays bball and soccer and needs to wear his pump during the activities because he goes too high if he doesn’t. I know it may not be as much of a contact sport,(although he falls down, is pulled and pushed all over) but we put an old credit card type plastic in front of his waist pouch( to help protect the pump) which is close to his body. THere is a web site pumpwear.inc that sells various size elastic/nylon bands to help hold the pump close to your body (They are called PumpBands). I believe that they work well. Just thought that i would throw that out there in case anyone is looking for a band to help hold the pump close to the body. Good luck with whatever you decide. nancy

Thanks Nancy I will take a look at that web site Darryl

Hello Glen:

If we take the thing off because whatever the activity is NOT compatable to pump usage/safety, football, jujitsu, karate, whatever the particular case,

IMHO pumps are not compatable… in my view/experience


Hello Darryl:

Been a month and was just following up, how is it going?


Hello Nancy:

I sent them an email a long time ago… have to go back and see what they might have designed for the martial arts crowd. They did not have anything that worked easily/well, the last time as I recall, perhaps they have one now!!!

Thanks for the link

maybe you could adapat a belly band like used for a hidden money belt or concealed carry of a handgun to keep it on and somewhat protected? Just a thought…

Hey Stuart going great I have no problems what so ever with my pump site getting rip out. Get into some pretty intense grappling with no problems. I been doing pretty good at keeping sugar levels in good range even disconnecting for the whole 2hr class. So far so good Take Care Darryl

Hello Denise:

As I said, hopefully someone has designed a carrying case of some kind that will NOT slide, slip, move, and take the tubing with it. Ther are a couple problems specific to MA clothing (1900’s + traditional clothing) which by the intense nature of the activity (AT SOME POINT) is going to bring you into strong physical contact with another person(s).

When that happens, there is no “…oooooooooopsey I’m sorry I need a moment to fix this… prevent “it” (whatever) from becoming a problem…” at that point-moment in the training process, it is NOT acceptable/viable to say “time out”.

The intensity of good martial arts practice/technique has some very unique aspects… that do not “forgive” problems, weaknesses, flaws which might require our attention. In solo practice, fixes are possible whereas in partner, or group practices, not typically easy to do under certain specialized “more intense” circumstances?