Type 1 + Bipolar + integrative medicine

Dear TU folks,

Have any of you seen an integrative medicine doctor. Two MDs at the clinic I go to have been down south to take one year courses in natural medicine. I am mostly interested in what they may have to say about bipolar. Diabetes is easy for me. I have tried things like skull cap amongst many others with no effect felt. Perhaps a cocktail but am sot sure.

I would like to hear if anyone has had success with natural medicine and bipolar. I would have to wait a long time to get in but it would be free, the visit that is.


Do the natural doctors know about diabetes as well? It would be important to make sure that the treatment to address bipolar doesn’t harm your diabetes control in any way.

I guess it can’t hurt to go and listen and see what they say! But I would be cautious before following any course of treatment.

I would strongly suggest that you should seek advice only from doctors who practice western medicine. There is a lot of scientific rigor and careful analysis of the effects of the treatments that western medicine practices.

Please don’t put any trust in the so-called natural medicine and other ‘holisitic’ therapies. All they do is make you sicker and the quacks richer.


Hey! I am a registered Herbalist. I also have type 1. American Ginseng Tincture used over time is excellent for lowering your blood sugar and creating a more concrete baseline. Also, Cod Liver Oil is good as well as Coconut Oil exp for Mood Swings/Bi Polar. Add Cinnamon to your oatmeal ect, Cinnamon is great. Good Luck!

Hi, I read your letter and would like to recommend that you look into a book called Psycho-dietetics or something or other.
It basically discusses that various lack of minerals creates issues above and beyond the “bi-Polar” label and various others. I would recommend again that there have been a bevy of studies about Cod Liver Oil and Brain-Fats & Wellness.
Sometimes, when we do not have enough b’s and magnesium and calcium it can create more imbalance as Calcium is needed to create that "emotional wellness feeling… Also, Restorative Yoga gives energy to the Parasympathetic Nervous System which is important to keep buttery calm. I also am a fellow luddite who got type 1 from a medication, and a subsequent lawsuit. I have found slow and stable progress in herbal medicine. Wishing you the best.
Best of Luck, In Sugary Empathy, KB

A friend sought help for BPD & other problems at an integrative medicine clinic. They did extensive blood tests for allergies, mineral & vitamin deficiencies & found several imbalances. This didn’t “cure” her BPD, but did offer tools that helped her cope better. Yoga (don’t recall what type), meditation, dietary changes to avoid additives in food that she’s sensitive to. Sorry, but I don’t know the specifics. She still takes lithium.