Type 1 diabetes and Celiac disease

My brother, who was diagnoses with type 1 a year and a half ago had been tested every 6 months for celiac disease. The last test for antibodies came back positive. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 20 years, but had never been tested. When did this become standard practice to screen diabetics for Celiac, and has anyone here been tested for it, or have both?

I have heard about them doing these celiac screens if there is a concern about slow growth in smaller kids. That might not apply to your brother (not sure how old).

Amy Tenderich has blogged about celiac/type 1 connections - http://www.diabetesmine.com/2008/05/suddenly-celiac.html - try searching her blog for “celiac”

All type1 persons,children or adults have to be periodically screened for celiac disease.Celiac can be silent without symptoms or with symptoms.In adults it can mimick irritable bowel syndrome.It can occur in non diabetics also,children or adults.