Type 1 diabetes in Shanghai

I’m considering a job in Shanghai for the next school year. Does anyone know of any expat Type 1s in Shanghai? I’m currently living in Saudi Arabia and have had trouble finding pump supplies and insulin. Its also not covered by my insurance but the actual cost of the products is much lower than in the States. Anyone know how much a vial of novalog is in China?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

I have a friend with type 1 in Shenzhen. He’s Chinese. I can ask him about the price of Novolog. I think he has mentioned it in the past but I can’t remember it now. Think it was something like 100RMB.
As for test supplies: BRING IT WITH YOU! As far as I’ve seen when visiting China, they don’t always have the same monitors has other countries. I think I remember seeing One Touch Ultra though. Do avoid buying a meter in China, even an Ultra Mini cost about 500RMB, I nearly fainted when I saw it!

(I’m not a diagnosed diabetic myself, even though I do qualify as pre-diabetic) I have been to China three times which has also included visits to pharmacy, that’s how I know a bit about the testing supplies.