Type 1 Diabetes

I see that there is a lot of talk as too what really is Type 1. People, please give insight as to what Type 1 actually is. Im pretty sure Im Type 1.

JDRF’s adult diabetes type 1 tool kit

If you are type 1, you will have little or no c-peptide (which is what they measure to determine how much insulin you are actually producing, assuming you’re already on insulin injections) and you may also have antibodies that show your immune system is destroying the beta cells in your pancreas.

Welcome to the club!! You picked a great spot to learn, and learn you will. There are so many folks here with so much experience I have yet to see a question go unanswered. TuD has been a life saver for me.

Another resource that was particularly helpful for me is Bloodsugar 101. It really helped me grasp what I was up against and how to begin my journey.

Good luck with your studies.

Perhaps you should share a bit about yourself to help us give you some feedback on type. Let me give you my own example. I was 58 when diagnosed Type 2 which ended up being a misdiagnosis. I am Type 1 - LADA - which is a slower onset form of type 1. When I figured this out I made a list of things that helped me determine my type: 1. Lost 30 pounds at diagnosis; 2. Have another autoimmune condition (hyperthyroid); 3. Insulin sensitive - when they started me on a higher insulin dosage it was too much 4. Only lasted 15 months on oral meds before my numbers started to climb and I needed insulin. 5. Low c-peptide - two tests were .38 and .70.

Your list may be different but these are some of the things to look at.