Type 1 diabetic insulin schedule

What is your insulin injection schedule? Typically, how many injections do you do a day and at what times? My son uses shots- right now he gets 5 shots a day- humalog at each meal and at bedtime snack; then lantus at bedtime.

I take insulin before each meal and I split my dose of Lantus (am and pm). So minimum of 5 injections/day. If I eat any snacks during the day or at bedtime I inject to cover any carbs and to correct any high BGs.

Levemir morning/night and then novolog before every meal/snack… can be up to 10 a day.

Hi Mary

I take Apidra before each of my three meals and Lantus at bedtime.

I take Levemir as soon as I wake up, an injection for meals & then Levemir right before bed–five total. Of course, additional if I need to correct highs.

Novolog & Novolin before breakfast, Novolog before dinner, and then Novolin before bed.

Levemir 8AM and Humalog at each meal and Humalog between or after meal for corrections, and Levemir at bedtime…usually 10-11 PM. 5-7 shots per day.

Lantus morning and night; novolin before each meal and snacks.

Okay… Let’s just take yesterday, for example.

I woke up at 700am, took a shot for breakfast.
(for breakfast I have a coffee that lasts me from 800am to 200pm)
I took a half bolus at 10:00am to cover the slow peak from the coffee
Took another shot at 12:00pm to cover the reaminder of the coffee
Shot at 700pm for dinner
Shot at 900pm for a yogurt
Shot at 1100pm (1 unit!) because I miscalculated the yogurt
shot at 12:00am for Levemir

So, that’s 7 shots yesterday.
If I miscalculate, usually it’s up to 12 shots in one day.

Lantus 2x a day
Novolog 3x a day
Symilin 3x a day
Correction injections 2x a day on average…

I am now on a pump and it is wonderful