Type 1 do we live past 65?

So diabetes has struck my family with yet another blow. As my 66 year old dad was admitted to the ER again this time with yet more complications including slome renal failure which they say he may be able to heal if he recovers from the infection and has one more amputation.
The internal mes doc told me that we are lucky he has lives to this age
Because T1 s don’t usually live past 65. What the doc
Didnt know was that my sistee and I also have T1.
He was telling me this to
Be honest and prepare us because he said they would not
Resuscitate if he turns for the worse. I’m not so worried about
My sis and I maybe it should be our wake up call…

What I am curious about (and hope for) is - is there a possibility
Of my dad surviving but we just can’t predict so I am
Wondering how many of you are or know someone 65 or older
With T1 .

Richard157, Nel, JonBen, I know there's a bunch here...

Yes I know people with Type 1 who are older than 65. There is no real way of predicting and obviously the much better control you can maintain the better. But more and more people are reaching the 50 year mark with Type 1 all the time. I think for one that doctor probably isn't very knowledgable about Diabetes and for two it was an extremely tacky thing to have said. There's no way to say how long any of us have. But the key is getting in good control and staying in good control.

I'll be 69 in February, as will my friend & we're both T1, I've had it for 50 years now, as for good control, in 1961 who knew how good it was. That 65 age limit is old news.

i'm not sure what country you're from but there's no american doctor who would ever say that to a diabetic because it's simply NOT true.