Type 1 for 31 years & no complications

I went to my diabetic doctor on the 24th of March and I still have a clean bill of health.All my hard work has paid off!
I feel so grateful for the advancements that have happened within the last ten years.


That’s great news! Congrats on your success.

Got you beat by a year–no complications after 32 years, despite 20 years on R/NPH, the crappiest treatment regime ever with the exception of all the ones before it. Congrats to both of us!


sounds like GA (glucose anonymous) success stories. i’m only 6 years into this – so it’s great to have mentors that are doing well after so long. Hopefully I can do as well, especially with modern tools such as my CGM. Staying motivated is the key factor as this is a long-term process. Interestingly, my Livabetes has prompted me in many ways to be healthier than I was before my diagnosis.

Great, congratulations!

I have been type 1 for 55 years, diagnosed in 1962 when technology was limited. I have had some complications like heart problems, but still kicking. I am 61 years old and am thankful for each day. I am fortunate


Damn sweet Neil 61!

Hi Neil, you are doing well having it this long. I’ve been type 1 for 66 years and still have everything, loss the pleasure of manhood after 30 years otherwise everything is all ok. Got it when I was four and this was leaning eventure for doctors and me. Still using the needle 5 times a day just like having a shave. I am down to using a mobility scooter through having both hips replaced and things going wrong but this has not stop me from enjoying life.
My early days of having to sharpen you own needles, big ones! Drainpipes.
A lot finer and better now. The insulin was called Zinc Susspention, and use to block the needles with christals.
I better stop as I will be going alnight, cheers

I saw my endocrinologist today and I must say that I am still healthy. No protein in my urine, kidney function is good. This worries me the most. My lmedtronic link 2.5 is accurate. My glucometer got exactly what the lab number was. All these years of managing my diabetes has paid off. So for those of you that are struggling just wait because your efforts will pay off!

Got you 2 guys beat type 1 since 1975 still kicking

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Since making this post it has been 2 years so that would make it 33 years. I am sure others have me beaten but we all deserve a big part on the back.