Type 1 frequency

My daughter’s high school is big (2512 students). There are 13 type 1 students there. We were told at diagnosis (for my 7th grade son) 9 months ago that 1 in 600 kids are type 1. When I do the math that is 1 in 193 kids for this high school. Do you all think this is just an unusual coincidental statistic or do you think 1 in 600 is out of touch.

there was little over 300 people in my high school graduating class, besides me I knew one other person, but there was rumors that there were 3-4 of us.

so thats about 1 to 100, now at university and having taken over 20 classes of approx 40 people I have never met another diabetic.

1 in 100 is the most accepted stat calculation for # of T1Ds.

But if you want to, you can run everyone through a BG test in the morning to see how many are really in the school.

Of hold up a BG meter and ask if anyone knows how to use it.