Type 1 Frustrations "the experts"

“… Neither should YOU…” while laughing at them comes to mind.



I am kind of sadly chuckling as I read your post. So is the “cure” to get pregnant and in nine months you won’t have diabetes anymore?

Fair Winds,

Oh now there’s a GREAT idea!

Actually I was supposed to see some miracle worker who would cure me! But I may actually test out the pregnancy theory in the near future :slight_smile: I’ll let you know if I am cured (trust me, you and EVERYONE else in the world will know!)

A woman asked me back in June if I was enjoying being in remission since being pregnant. I was so confused. She said, “doesn’t diabetes go away during pregnancy?”

Ah, yes, the food police. They need to keep their mouths shut and their noses out of your business. I once had someone lecturing me about what I shouldn’t be eating. I asked how long they’d been diabetic. I’m not, was the response. I am, I have 10 years more experience than you, but I appreciate your input. I’ll file it where it should be.

I try to be as polite as possible telling people to mind their own business. Its ridiculous. I wonder how much interference cancer patients get?

Wow, you get a kid and no diabetes??? This sounds great!!! (Almost too good to be true … wait… it is.)

Mike, don’t you wish that YOU could get pregnant?

Actually… in response to your “I wonder how much interference cancer patients get?”… it seems that everyone is an expert with that subject too… everyone knows someone who had pancreatic cancer for example and they turned out fine by doing X-treatment. These people have no idea what kind of cancer my father has or that there are different varieties. Don’t get me started on how many ‘alternative medicine’ options we’ve been introduced to. Anywho, this is a D-website, not cancer website. But because I know you, Cara, I thought I could comment.


I usually ignore them, eat what I want in front of them, watch them gasp in horror and watch them amusedly once they realize Ill still be alive after.

i find that indian people love to tell me what to eat to cure or help my diabetes. Such as loads of salads… or homeopathic methods (never drink turmeric and milk mixed bleh)

Orange milk!


omg… I have an Indian friend, and he is ALWAYS suggesting I drink turmeric with milk, or tea… for like EVERYTHING… “Oh, I fractured my leg” – “have some tea with turmeric in it…” :stuck_out_tongue: Yuk I always ignore him, of course… I thought it was just him begin the annoying brat he usually he is. lol