Type 1 is NOT caused but childhood immunizations!

Okay I know I am not the first to get this but my twin and I both have diabetes and were dx’ed with in 2 yrs of each other we were out with her husbands family and friends and her brother in law said so you both have it?? we were like yeah and then he asked if we had our vaccinations when we were kids and we said yeah like duh and he said that is why he doesn’t let his kids get shots cause things like diabetes can happen I just wanted to shove his face into a wall he said my parents should have known better our dad is a ER doctor and he should have known more then anyone. I was really going to smack this guy but then he passed out when my sister tested her blood soo it was bitter sweet kind of a priceless moment.

I know that the uneducated can't understand they have to be taught so we explained things to him when he woke up lol it was still funny!!

He passed out? Wow. Maybe that’s the real reason he doesn’t want his kids to get shots, because he can’t handle needles and blood. ;)I know that it’s popular (and stupid) to blame immunizations for autism, but if they start the same thing with type 1 I will be so angry.

My older Sister and Brother are Twins. I’m not sure if they had the immunizations in the early '50’s. But if they did then they both got them. But one Twin got Diabetes and the other did not.

A lot of people think that autoimmune responses are finally triggered by certain things, environment, an infection, a trauma or perhaps stress. I would not necessarily rule out vaccinations being a possible trigger. To suggest that vaccinations “cause” type 1 would be wrong. But to suggest that parents should “know” this, when the best medical researchers and professionals don’t “know” this is a bit absurd. This type of argument is used by people who are afraid of autism as a reason to avoid vaccinations. It is hard to know how many kids were harmed by not getting their vaccinations. Oh, and in case you don’t know, the autism-vaccination connection study ended up having to be retracted by the Lancet medical journal.

LOL he passed out that’s hilarious. wonder if it was because he had a vaccination as a child?

Wow, that’s funny… lol Bittersweet indeed!

I had someone say that to me for the first time the other day, and I was shocked for about 5 seconds, then realized that vaccines have become the scape goat for all medical problems and quickly set her straight. I have to confess, of all the things I’ve heard blamed for D, that was a first.

I’m all for immunizations and what have you, its a known fact that people react differently to different things. I know that I didn’t have a learning disability until after I got one of the immunizations, but after I had it I ran a high temp for to long and developed issues, my folks now wish that they hadn’t let me have that particular immunization, but its dun can’t turn back the clock on it.

We might not know what is the main cause of the body failing and thus development of type 1 happens, but research into it has come a long way, and to say that its caused by immunizations is nuts since its been part of society for years longer then immunization practices have been around as they currently are. People with it are just now living longer and what have you that all sorts of connections are being made to its development, far fetched or not.

He doesn’t immunize his kids, but he was immunized as a child, right? So he is protected when the next measles epidemic hits and hopefully his kids won’t have serious complications like encephalitis when they catch the measles.

I am so with you guys on this I have never wanted to educate someone so much in my life! I did eventually when he came to lol. he did get his shots as a kid and we also explained to him that what if we hadn’t gotten our shots but still had type 1 diabetes we would have really had a problem if we would have gotten any of those Preventable diseases?? I mean I was mad but today I just laugh and I had a appt with my doc today and he cracked up too he said it the same it is all about educating the public. he tells me that all the time now because I used to get so mad at the misconceptions of diabetes that the public had and how some how some way it could have been prevented and don’t eat that or you don’t look sick kindof thoughts from lots of people but now I take every chance to educate people and not in a harsh way but in one that will really help people understand without feeling belittled.