Type 1/lada- depression/poor sleep before diagnosis?

To people with type 1/lada, in the time prior to your diagnosis, did you experience depression/trouble sleeping? if yes, after you were put on insulin, did you experience a decrease in depressive symptoms and an increase in sleep quality?

I was only 8 when diagnosed so can’t remember but I know now that I find it harder to sleep if my blood is high and I certainly feel cranky!!! So I assume that those symptoms would be present pre diagnosis for a lot of people.

Plus with super high BG I was peeing a lot and had leg cramps…but thought it was due to hot weather, walking 5-6 miles every day, and drinking extra water. Oy!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Prior to diagnosis, I did not have any sleep problems. The only time I experiences serious sleep issues was when I was on metformin for four months. That stopped when I stopped that med and went on insulin.

I have bipolar disorder in addition to being type 1, so that complicates things. However, because I was getting up every hour or so to pee, and then drink more water before diagnosis, and I kept getting charley horses anytime I lied or sat still for too long, my sleep was very disturbed (and not due to mania -> when manic, I don’t feel tired, but I was tired). I also had a depressive episode prior to diagnosis, but I can’t be sure that it wasn’t caused by bipolar disorder, or just from fatigue.

Obviously, after starting insulin, I no longer had to get up to pee and drink water every hour, and the charley horses became less frequent, so my sleep quality improved greatly. Depressive symptoms improved some, but again I can’t be sure of whether or not that was a diabetes thing or a bipolar thing.