Type 1 LADA for over 3 years. First time with Flu virus!

So I got diagnosed with Flu Virus A. I was prescribed Tamiflu for 5 days. My blood sugar is 190. How can I lower my blood sugar when using mdi. I know pump users increase there basal. Should I do the same and increase my daily tresiba injection? Just wondering how to get through this without having my blood sugar too high.

If I am running high I give more of my fast acting insulin to bring it down. If I keep having high glucose readings, then I up my Tresiba by 1 unit.

So sorry that you have the flu.

Type 1


Thank you for the response. Do you guys normally get flu shots every year?

Yes. Its recommended.

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I think Marilyn’s advice is good.

Yes, I’ve been getting an annual flu vaccination for years. It’s no guarantee that you’re 100% protected since the vaccine formulation may not be matched well to the eventual virus that predominates. It’s insurance.


Yes, I just started getting them regularly last year.

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yes but this year was too late may have gotten a mild case

I always do the flu vaccine. No flu this year or last, or actually for hte last 15 years.

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