Type 1 - Not An Afterthought

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This is a good read, gang, check it out

I posted this on 2/2 re: Oprah’s BS show. I’m about to watch it.

There will be no mention of Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 is America’s Silent Condition. We are hidden behind 26 million Type 2’s.

She should do a show on the profits from test strips and supplies, and how big pharma has a captive pool of test subjects called Type 1’s to test horrible products they can market to Type 2’s.

Maybe Oprah will give out a few CGM’s or Kaiser Policies instead of cars…

I didn’t watch the show (don’t have a tv nor really into watching tv that much anyway) but I really related to that latter half of your post about mistakes made in youth… I also went through a rebellious phase ~knowing at the time that I could/would pay for it later but not caring at the time ~ so now I worry about potential complications…but also the potential guilt… because I made previous bad decisions…but then do we have to take full responsibility when D was imposed on us in the first place? Thanks for sharing your thoughts because at least I know I’m not the only one who worries/thinks about these things :slight_smile: