Type 1 on Victoza Continued

Well, it has been a weird ride.

I am now taking 1.2mg and have been for my third day. The nauseau is over, however you really do feel full all the time. I skipped breakfast yesterday as I just couldn’t as I felt so full. My insulin usage has dropped mostly because of the drop in my basal insulin which went from 21.7 units down to 19 units or so.

As I was taking Symlin prior, figuring out the bolus for meals was bizarre. I use to bolus 30% up front and square 70% over an hour. Taking Victoza, I am pretty much shooting it all straight up or maybe 90% upfront and 10% over an hour. My bolus rates when I went on Symlin 2 years ago dropped by around 25%. I am uncertain at this point if they will fall further or not.

On the fence if I will go up to the 1.8 or not. My standard deviation on my BG has gone down to 42. I think I will be in the 30’s on the SD in a week or so as I have still been playing with the bolus delivery and basal rates over the last week. Stay tuned…