Type 1 pregnacy

Ok guys I know I’m not a good one to talk about this since I had my 2 girls 17 months apart but I just found out yesterday that my 19 year old daughter who now had a 11 month old girl is 3 months pregnate again! She is also a Type 1 please tell me am I worringtoo much about her b/c of everything I had to go threw 19 and 17 years ago are am I right to worry both of my girls came 6 weeks early and I had some pertty major problems. Yes her 1st only came 2 weeks early but not she’s gonna have another so soon. HELP!!! I need to know whather to worry myself crazy like the last time or to relax and not worry about all the bad that can happen!!!

Things are so much easier these days - I don’t think you need to worry :slight_smile: Worrying is a large part of a mother’s job description though isn’t it!

Hey, she’s sharing her 9 months with the equally pregnant and equally diabetic Halle Berry!

Really I didn’t even know Halle Berry was pregnate!!! Thanks Whew That makes me feel alot better!!! Teah I’m a mon and tend to worry alot about my 2 girls! I forgot to mention she’s not in the best of control but then again she wasn’t the first time either and Amarie is just perfect!!

Relax- take a deep breath and count to 10 (more if needed). If not for you then to let your daughter know she is going to be just fine and that you are fine with her being pregnant again. When I told my mom I was pregnant “again” for the 3rd time (very not planned at all) she cried for a while before she congratulated me :frowning: I actually waited 3 months before I told her because I was afraid of her reaction. My 1st and 2nd are 23 mo apart and my 2nd and 3rd are 21 mo apart (so w/ my last one I also had an 11 mo old :). As long as she really takes care of her sugar levels and has a great High risk specialist she will be JUST FINE :slight_smile: My 1st and 2nd were born 3 weeks early and my last 2 (BTW full term is considered 37 weeks, which is 3 weeks early) They will probably induce her labor by 38 weeks for safety concerns due to the placenta and in case baby is getting bigger. Anyway, congratulations to you too!!!