Type 1’s, how many carbs do you eat/day and what is your A1c?


Hi Katers and Marcia,

I do not use a pump or a CGM. I try to keep my numbers between 70 ish and under 140 within two hours after eating. I figure that that is good enough. I test quite often and have never minded testing. I always wake up when low, and very seldom need help with a low. I have never been hospitalized because of diabetes in 60 yrs. I just don’t want to wear something, but will get a CGM if I find it necessary. I have no desire to have a pump. I have no neuropathy or retinopathy.

I don’t change my doses a lot, but sometimes I do if I have to skip a day of exercise or am sick, but that is rare. Once in awhile I will have a high glucose reading just for the heck of it. I don’t find this woe any more difficult than when following low carb. I certainly am not a flat liner, but am often down to 90 within two hours after eating.

I signed up for the program at Mastering Diabetes. Those two guys just have a ton of information and help folks with the transition. I think they were only in their 2nd year when I joined, and I now they have a waiting list to join the program.

Eating nuts or nut butter is difficult because of the fat content. I can’t do it because I am pretty little, so don’t eat a ton of calories. 10% to 15% fat adds up quickly. I used to eat a lot of nut butters and avocados but now I don’t. I absolutely love almond butter.

When folks especially type 2’s switch from low carb to low fat plant based, it takes a few days to balance out. It took me less than a week. It takes some type 2’s longer, but if they stick with it, often they can stop all of their meds.

Also almost everybody loses weight.
I am rather
Ike Dr. Bernstein in that I don’t mind eating close to the same thing everyday. For breakfast I have 1/4 cup of oat grouts, a banana, 1 cup of blueberries, a large luscious date, cinnamon. My lunches and dinners usually include vegetables, fruit,black beans,lentils, rice, potatoes, etc. I also love garbanzo bean chocolate chip cookies. Once in a while I have wine. To me it feels healthy and right for me.


Thank you, this is very helpful!


My AIC is running 5.8. I try and limit my carbs. And what I eat. But still snack alot. Say my average is 160 to 200 a day. I eat a very varied diet with some staples and a lot of fruits. Lobe veggies and greens but on warifan so habe to watch that also. Lobe meats, lots of chicken salmon. All in all not very good habits imho.