Type 1 Survival, The Holocaust

Ernest Sterzer was type 1, and this is the story of how he survived the Holocaust. At the end of the article you can click to read the story in his own words.


my mother was a russian orthodox child survivor of the holocaust. my grandmother was a camp doctor. my mother told me many stories of cruelty and kindness coming from german soldiers and citizens. when i saw some germans cheering on the syrian refugees arriving in germany, it reminded me of my mother’s respect for the german people.


We don’t often hear the stories of type one diabetics who went blind before 30 during of old age before 50. But that was typical. He couldn’t have done his own urine tests being blind. I believe he went two days with no insulin and lived because the impurity of insulin then took that long to leave the skin and did they have long acting? The science of the day. To loose your insulin supply is still to face death without intervention.

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@richard157, thanks for bringing this story to light; I was unaware of it before today.

Another story of interest is that of Eva Saxl, which you can read about here: http://asweetlife.org/beccak/blogs/type-1-blogs/eva-saxl-surviving-as-a-diabetic-during-world-war-ii/6784/

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