Type-1 University contest

A lot of people I know are big fans of Gary Scheiner, so I wanted to share a new program that Gary is starting along with a contest that goes with it. Gary is starting a Type 1 University which is an online class program for people with type 1 diabetes. He’s starting it soon, and to get ready, he’s doing this contest to get a logo for the “school.” The winner of the logo design gets a lifetime of free classes, which are going to cover issues like pumps, CGMs, carb counting, weight loss, etc. I think it looks pretty cool! Anyway, I work with Gary and his team, and so I wanted to promote the contest! It’s being run on DiabetesMine.com, and you can find out more about getting into it here: http://www.diabetesmine.com/2010/11/type-1-university-a-logo-contest.html.

You can find out more about Gary at www.integrateddiabetes.com.

For those who have never used Gary: Anyone having control problems, Gary Scheiner’s advice is well worth the money. He has many plans, from pay only when you call and ask for advice to three month, six month and yearly plans where you can fax in numbers and get unlimited advice. His advice is for both Type 1 and Type 2 clients. We have used him in the past: first, four months after dx when she was 8 years old and our CDE (who had been trained by Gary) left the practice. When the CDE left the practice the CDE who usually handled adult Type 2s filled in until they could hire another. Very bad timing for us, after a new pump start. The CDE who left the practice had been handling most of her adustments, and no one has been able to match her expertise yet. Once that CDE left the practice, her numbers were really bad, despite faxing numbers in weekly at a well known, very good diabetes clinic.We hired Gary and he basically trained us. Then, when puberty hit, we used him again. I would not hesitate to use him any time in the future. Although our endo is capable of giving advice, it is the CDE who manages the patient on a weekly basis. I have never found a CDE who could match our first one (trained by Gary), except of course, Gary himself.