Type 1?!

My child 6 years old a1c is 6.3 and fasting glucose is 106 and she has high cholesterol both ldl and Hdl…is that mean she has type 1? I worried about her and have to see endo next week…pls someone help

A 6.3% A1c is higher than normal. Fasting glucose is a little high, too. Not sure what to think about the cholesterol. Good to take her in to the doctor.

Has she had symptoms such as drinking and peeing more than usual, or losing weight ?

If those symptoms are there and get worse, please call Dr, as she may need immediate care for DKA.

Fasting BG of 106 means she is definitely producing insulin, just not enough.

I was diagnosed at age 5, and my mom took me to the doctor, without even knowing about diabetes. That was over 50 years ago.

She doesn’t have any symptoms…It was her normal year check up blood screening…last year everything was perfect…this year report makes me worry

Is anyone have the same problem like high cholesterol and pre diabetic ?! She is skinny also.

A majority of people here who were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as kids were diagnosed after weeks or months of symptoms and had very high blood sugar.

For example, I don’t know exactly what my blood sugar was at diagnosis, but it was somewhere over 500 mg/dl and I had high levels of ketones. I’d had several weeks of symptoms and had to be hospitalized for four days to get stabilized. It was many more weeks before my blood sugar levels were back down to a near-normal range.

No one on this forum will be able to tell you if your daughter has Type 1 diabetes, as none of us are doctors and, even if we were, no one can make a diagnosis over the internet. If she does have Type 1 diabetes, then it has been caught extremely early, which is good. It could also be a fluke or may be due to some other cause. It’s good that you have an appointment with an endocrinologist in the next week. They will be able to do further tests to see what is behind the concerning test results.

Quite true. There is a saying in medicine that the only thing you can diagnose over the 'phone is Kussmaul breathing, which is diagnosed by careful listening, but aside from that, you have to see the patient. Diagnosis is even more difficult over the internet, where you can’t even diagnose Kussmaul breathing!

It is such a hard and scary thing to suggest but we are seeing it more and more everyday that children this young are being diagnosed with type 2. While the fasting is ok, the A1C is a little high but the concern is if the lipids are high, type 2 might be a possibility. I would keep pushing the doctors to get an answer and get the correct one now. The sooner you get the correct diagnosis, the sooner you can get a treatment plan started. Not sure if there are the “classic” type 1 symptoms or if they are the subtle type 2 symptoms. I hope you can get an answer soon. Good luck and keep asking for help!

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Thanks for the replies