Type 2 and metabolism

I’m a type 2 diagnosed in 2000 but probably had it long before it was discovered. I’ve been on oral meds of various types without much success. My A1C levels are always high with the exception of one time where I stuck to a high protein / nut diet. I dropped 15 pounds on that diet and had anxiety attacks due to the levels dropping in “the normal” range. I felt like I was going to die! So has anyone had this experience and if so how did you cope with the feelings of starvation, low energy, anxiety over how you are feeling? I am currently out of control and need to get back to a healthy diet but I’m scared sh&&less of reliving the 1 1/2 years of pure hell.

If oral meds don’t work well enough and the dieting is too drastic for you then insulin is the next step. Your bg’s dropping down from extended highs can be scary and will often make you feel terrible at first but it will get better. Don’t be afraid of insulin because once you figure out how your body handles it, it will become your best friend. Talk to your doctor about further treatment options including injectable type 2 meds.