Type 2 diabetes in China

About 23 million people are suffering from type 2 diabetes in China. Are they using herbal medicines or insulin? Is there any record of how many people are using insulin in china?

Here is a website by someone who has seen. It seems to matter if you have money or do not have money.

@prabhjot is this of interest?

Perfetti, R. (2010). Reusable and disposable insulin pens for the treatment of diabetes: understanding the global differences in user preference and an evaluation of inpatient insulin pen use. Diabetes technology & therapeutics, 12(S1), S-79.

Insulin is essential for the management of type 1 diabetes and is more commonly being used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Insulin pen devices were first introduced over 20 years ago and have evolved to provide significant practical advantages compared with the vial and syringe. Pen devices are now used by patients with diabetes worldwide, but there are marked geographical variations in the use of reusable and disposable pens. In some countries the vial and syringe is still the most popular method of administering insulin, whereas in other countries the use of reusable or disposable pens is more prevalent. Therefore, the aim of this review is to discuss the factors that seem to be involved in these differences, which include patient access to insulin, cost, and physician/patient awareness and preference. Inpatient use of insulin is also common, and the use of insulin pens could offer substantial benefits in this patient population, not only during the admission period but also after discharge from the hospital. However, the evidence base for inpatient use is still weak, and more studies are needed to investigate the use of insulin pens in this patient population.