Type 2 diabetic and type 2 bipolar

Would love to hear from anyone with the same condition!!!

hi Don!!

Thanks for the reply!

I never thought about the manic phase burning more calories…now THAT makes alot more sense!

If you could see my bg levels for a month…you would be like my care team and they are scratching their heads wondering what planet I am from! I have been writing down every crumb i put in my mouth…at what time…and I test 8x a day just so tht hey can figure out how to treat me.

I was on metformin at first but I found it was making things worse not better!

Yesterday…was totally bizzare bg wise.

I woke up and my level was 7.2

had a coffee and a bowl of bran flakes with blueberries my post was 11.1

Now this is something I do everymorning!! i am usually at 5.6 post!!!

So anyway… I ran a few errands and was thinking I had better go to the gym today to level myself out… but needed something in my stomach first…usually with extra carbs so I don’t go hypo at the gym…I had an A&W teen burger and a diet rootbeer. my post was 5.8!!! ya weird hey?

Anyway… I did 1 hour of cardio… and felt like crap afterwards… shakey and dizzy etc so i took a test reading to see how low I was… I was only 5.3… but felt more like a 2!! so I decided to treat the low anyway because I fellt so terrible… I popped a glucose tablet and felt not too bad afterwards…but I was driving home and about halfway there… I felt crappy again… so i pulled over and ate a chocolate bar…400 cal 39g of sugar…this was only maybe 15 mins of having the tablet…guess what my test was…?? 6.0!!! I should have been higher than a kite… but no…wierd hey???

I am on meds that treat depression and help me to focus and to stabalize my moods so I have no idea what phase I am in…manic or…??? I dunno… none of this makes any sense to me!!! arrrggghhh!!!

Hi Don - if you’re 3.5-4 most of the day, shouldn’t your A1C be much lower than 5.5-6? I thought 5.5-6 was average BG of 6.5-7?

8x a day??? holy crap!!! How do you cope?? do you have anyone in your life that supports you?

Holy… I am so glad that I have type 2…so much more milder than type 1…most people dont know which phase I am except me… its easy to hide… when I am in my manic phase… I just appear to be a workoholic that requires very little sleep…and I quite enjoy that phase as I can get LOTS done all at once…I like to refer it to my superwoman phase…which is why most type T2BPD people do not seek treatment. I for one was only taking the antidepressants during my down time. That is until I was hit hard with the T2D… then my down time lasted wayyyyyyyyy too long!