Type 2 diabetic gets great offer on life insurance

Just placed inforce a term policy on a 55 year old diabetic with neuropathy. Client was Type 2 with mild neuropathy and sleep apnea diagnosed 7 years ago and was compliant with CPAP machine. Also being treated for acid reflux and high blood pressure.

We had originally gotten his policy approved with an A+ rated company at two tables substandard due to the neuropathy. This year we submitted a positive health request newly offered by another A+ rated company. We got a preliminary standard offer.

Now that is unheard of, standard pricing for diabetes with complications. So we submitted our application with the response to our health request and we were routed back to the original underwriter. Instead of the normal 6 weeks for underwriting, we were approved in 18 days at the standard pricing. Original policy $1,451.25 per year, new policy with client a year older, $1,115.00 per year - a 24% savings.

The client had done all the heavy work on this keeping himself in good health, but now it seems there is an outlet for mild diabetic complications.